Construction Monitor

Construction Monitor

At Newbanks, you can hire a construction monitor as an affordable, smart, and effective way to make sure that the quality and timeliness of your construction project is on the right track. Think of this as an important step in the due diligence process. After all, when your money hangs in the balance, it's good to know that it's being spent the way you expect it to be spent!

Newbanks can monitor your construction project and provide you with regular updates and detailed visual and written reports , even providing expert advice that puts you in the driver's seat. Don't place your investment in the hands of fate, and don't trust whatever the contractor tells you. Rather, you should trust but verify.

What Areas Does Newbanks Monitor?

Monitoring construction professionally provides our clients with a clear picture of their construction project's overall progress. You'll be able to address and correct problems before they become serious issues, effectively nipping the problems in the bud. Our monitoring services save our clients lots of money and lots of headaches!

To provide comprehensive construction monitoring services, Newbanks monitors the following areas:

  • The environment of the construction site
  • Quality control
  • Target milestones and timeliness
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Conformity with contracts, plans, and agreements
  • Materials analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Supplier performance
  • and more

Protect Your Investment with Construction Monitoring from Newbanks

Newbanks construction monitoring service ensures that our clients' best interests are always being protected. More specifically, our services ensure that the construction is being carried out in a manner that is consistent with agreements and the funds that our client has put up for the project. Many construction projects are financed in milestones. For example, the foundation first, then the framework, then the exterior shell, etc. Following the completion of each project, the contractor will request payment.

Why You Need Monitoring

Sadly, many contractors these days will not perform as they should unless you hold their feet to the fire. Indeed, there is no room for being a nice guy or gal when your money is on the line! You have every right to ensure that your contractor is doing what he or she is supposed to be doing. A reputable contractor won't be offended that you implement measures to protect your investment. They'll expect it!

Many contractors will request more funds than they need or ask for complete payment for the project prior to its completion. Newbanks recommends that you don't do this. The moment that you pay your contractor all of the funds, all bets are off! By independently verifying the line item percentage completion of your construction project is what it should be, you'll be able to be in control and protect your investment better.

Contact Newbanks

If you need an expert construction monitor to protect your investment, contact Newbanks today. We'll discuss your options with you and create a plan to monitor your construction project. You'll be pleased to learn that our services are very effective and affordable.

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