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Home Renovation Trends to Consider Before Going to a General Contractor in Thousand Oaks

Almost everyone is planning to set resolutions in the coming year. Home designers are set to launch a fresh set of ideas as we head in welcoming the New Year. There are several trends this year that are totally not in by 2019. If you are planning for a home renovation for 2019 and looking for a general contractor in Thousand Oaks to do it, you can schedule an appointment with us at Focil Construction.

We compiled the perspective of five famous interior designers about the upcoming trend in home renovation for 2019. And according to them, we should all expect a brighter 2019 in terms of kitchen, bedroom, and living room designs.


According to Lauren Evans, one of the best designers at Decorist, the bedroom accent walls are no longer in. Instead, this coming 2019, homeowners should expect that the textured wallpaper to be the trendy thing in bedrooms. The designer adds that it is okay if you add a pop of colors but it should be cohesive and must not be too loud.

Wall signages that can be purchased at stores are already out. Jonathan Rachman, Decorist’s celebrity designer says colorful arts or photos are the in things. He adds that people should not be afraid of putting patterns or colors on their walls. Arts or photos on the walls give you the feeling that the room is distinctively yours.


Creative director and designer at Decorist, Jessica McCarthy says that cabinet knobs that are mass produced are already out in 2019. Leather pulls that are handcrafted are the in things in the coming year. McCarthy adds that simple and minimalistic feel is no longer on the rise. She says that handcrafted, blown up, and maximalist are the new trends, especially in the kitchen setting. The same thing goes for hardware. According to McCarthy, modern look will be changed into leather pulls in various sizes and shapes.

Tamara homey, another celebrity designer at Decorist says that in 2019, we should expect a kitchen that is more personalized in terms of designs. She explains that we should expect to see travel souvenirs, vintage rugs, and cabinets made of glass to be the in things in the kitchen design. Max Humprey from the Decorist suggests that a metal finish in the kitchen will be the in thing in the coming year.

Living Room

Another trend that we will see in 2019 in terms of living room design is the mixing of furniture. According to Jonathan Rachman, furniture that matches is monotonous and common. Different pieces from varying timelines or heirloom pieces are the new trend. Tamara says that plain ceilings are no longer cool; instead, the new year will see designed ceilings flourish. She predicts that there will be a progression in terms of giving more attention to details not just in the kitchen or the living room but in the entire home.

If you are planning to see a general contractor in Thousand Oaks for your home renovation project, visit us at Focil Construction. Our company offers a wide range of services. You may reach us at (805) 405-9225 or send us an email.

General Contractor Thousand Oaks

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