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Minnesota Restaurant Remodeling and Renovations

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Minnesota Restaurant Remodeling and Renovations Contractor

Restaurant Remodeling & RenovationsThe restaurant industry in Minnesota is one that is changing and evolving, with sweeping trends and high levels of volatility being constant factors. If you own a restaurant or work in the restaurant industry, you’re well aware of the importance of keeping the atmosphere updated and appealing to whatever crowd, demographic or persona your establishment caters to. The moment a restaurant starts to be perceived as “long in the tooth,” it is in danger of falling off the radar of potential clientele. At Randahl Construction, we help restaurants by remodeling and renovating their spaces to reflect the ideal customer experience they aim to offer. Whether it’s an exterior or interior restaurant remodel, you can have confidence in your experience with Randahl Construction knowing that we have 30 years of experience and expertise, employ high-caliber tradesmen, and consider open and sustained communication to be the paramount feature of a successful project.

Restaurant Remodeling Services

We offer turnkey restaurant remodeling and renovation services, meaning we’ll work closely with clients from the design stage all the way to the walking tour of the completed project. Our design-build model of commercial remodeling consolidates your project into a single point of responsibility so that our President and founder, Randy Olsen, can be your one point of contact throughout the project. We’re highly experienced in hospitality remodeling, and are familiar with the unique set of challenges faced by businesses in the service industry when it comes to designing and building a space that meets the needs of their customers. We know that a restaurant remodel is an opportunity to completely renew and revamp your business, and we take that responsibility seriously. At Randahl Construction, we’re capable of delivering a wide range of projects, including expansions, build-outs, environmental upgrades, additions and alterations, custom retrofits, demolitions and renovations, custom concrete, and more.

Minnesota Restaurant Renovation Cost Estimate

At Randahl Construction, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with accurate, real-numbers estimates. While many commercial remodeling contractors lure clients with inaccurate, incomplete estimates, we take the time to make sure our project estimates are pinpoint accurate in terms of cost, completion date and materials used. When you hire us to deliver your project, you’ll know it will be completed on time and on budget. In 30 years, we’ve never had a forced change order, and we plan on keeping it that way. Minnesota Commercial Remodeling