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Misting cooling systems are used for outdoor cooling. Shopping for misting requires an understanding of the different types there are. There are different types of misting cooling systems with unique designs for specific functions, and you have to ensure that you're getting one that fits the purpose you need it for. 

To help you find the best misting systems, we have answered a few frequently asked questions on what to look out for in this article:

How Does Misting Work?

Misting systems work by putting pressure on the available water, forcing small amounts through very tiny openings, as tiny as the human hair. The speed of vaporizing water in the misting system is largely dependent on the size of the particle. When the pressurized water meets hot air, it evaporates, producing a cool mist in its process.

How Many Heads Do I Need?

This is largely dependent on the area of coverage. How big your desired location is and the level of cool you want to achieve. It is advisable, though, to have one head at every 2-4 feet of the space. This created adequate coverage for fogging.

Can Rust Be Prevented?

Your misting system is to be installed outside. Therefore you must be on the lookout for one that is built with resistance to decay or decomposition. Our misting systems have been proved to withstand heavy rain or weather changes that can affect a patio cooling system.

Every component is made of rust-proof materials. Do not buy misting systems that are made of steel, these are prone to rust and may have difficulties opening up for servicing after one or two seasons.

What Kind of Tubing Should I Use?

The tubing of our outdoor misting systems is made with nickel and is made of either nylon or steel, unlike those made out of copper or brass, both of which tend to rust pretty quickly. Nylon or steel are both materials of high quality that can be kept outside without the threat of rusting. Out tubings are also UV rated, which means that they don't crack, burst or leak under hot temperatures.

How Do I Clean a Clogged Misting Head?

If your system is clogged, the first thing to do is use your fingernail to check if something is blocking it. If nothing changes, then unscrew the head, soak it and blow out the particles using pressurized air from both ends

Is it Easy to Install?

With a simple how-to instruction manual, you can fix the misting where you want it. Our machines are quality builds and durable materials that afford you the best that money can buy.

Would it Work if I Add Ice Water?

Yes, the mister can still be effective and produce even a cooler air effect if Ice is added to the water tank that supplies it. 

It's not enough to simply buy a mister that just works, we provide you with the best cooling experience and a beautiful outdoor summer with our cooling systems. Call us or shop now at cool-off.com for the best misting systems: 800-504-6478/https://www.cool-off.com/misting-systems/high-pressure