Plymouth Covenant Church located in Plymouth, MN has created an amazing space for the youth of their church. We have created this blog post “Church Youth Room Remodeling” to inspire, encourage and give direction to others seeking to remodel their church youth rooms. 

re·mod·el to change the structure or form of (something, especially a building, policy, or procedure). Fashion or shape (a figure or object) again or differently.

The goal in remodeling church youth rooms is very similar to any other commercial remodeling project. Review the functionality of the existing space, where can improvements be made? Does it currently meet the needs of the space? The goal in a church youth room remodel should to create a new space that maximizes the functionality of the space along with providing a new modern updated look. Functionality is always the number one factor in a remodel project. A beautiful but poorly designed space is a remodeling failure. The aesthetics should compliment the function of the room bringing the entire space together.  

Standard commercial remodeling updates include: Carpet, Paint, Ceiling Tile & Ceilings, Base & Baseboard, Doors & Door Trim, Windows and Lighting. A remodel to a space that is already perfectly designed for functionality and only needs simple standard updates is called a “Face-Lift” Remodel. Face-Lift Remodeling can be very cost effective while General Commercial Remodeling refers to when the space needs to be transformed while improving the overall design and function of the space by adding and removing walls, opening up areas, adding doors and thinking about future growth etc. 

Plymouth Covenant Church created an ultimate space for their youth, by providing well designed functioning open area of hanging out, computer work, games, worship stage, along with some modern “Jesus Themed” graffiti to create the one-of-a-kind atmosphere for their kids.  Hopefully the below pictures can inspire, encourage and give direction to anyone looking to create a church youth room for their congregation. If you have a remodeling project that Randahl Construction, Inc. can help you with simply fill out a Commercial Remodeling Contact Form or give us a call at 763-559-1009. 

church youth room remodel

church youth room remodeling

church youth room remodel

church remodel

church youth room remodel

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