Warehouse Renovation

Warehouse Renovation Remodeling

Are you interested in warehouse renovations or warehouse remodeling? Your in the right place. Randahl Construction based in Minneapolis, MN has helped many businesses remodel industrial spaces for relocations, expansions or updating their current facility.

Moving Warehouses?

Often times when searching for industrial warehouse space, potential buyers are turned off because the facility is not move in ready or exactly what they’re looking for. The building and location may be perfect but the warehouse is out-dated, dirty or not exactly fit for them. To some that may raise red flags and they continue their search with other properties but for companies who have a general contractor, can research options of renovation and remodeling making the property work for them. Randahl Construction can help you determine costs, lead-time and other important factors to make the facility meet the needs of your business. Upgrades to loading docks, lighting, shipping offices, mezzanines, pallet racking, plumbing, paint, and concrete can all be renovating providing you with the optimal location for your business.

Is your warehouse ready for an update?

Industrial space such and shipping and storage facilities often get out dated because it is not the for front of the business. Budgets are often focused on other things leaving the warehouses to make due. Although often over looked, updating your facilities lighting, docks, offices and other areas can prove to be a very wise profitable move. Randahl Construction works with the most up to date technology helping you determine the ROI on different upgrades to your facility. Specializing in clean rooms and office construction Randahl construction can also help you add much needed office space to your warehouse.

Warehouse Construction on a Time Crunch

As exciting as it may be, when relocating or buying a new warehouse the transition period is often stressful especially when construction needs to happen. At Randahl Construction we understand the pressure that is placed on business leaders and we know how to handle the stress and make sure the job gets done on time and with as little stress as possible. We do this by focusing on communication and working closing with you to understand exactly what is expected up front and being honest with you from the start. We work with several sub-contractors and have the ability to select the team that we feel will be a perfect fit for your project. We specialize in taking the stress off of your shoulders while communicating with you as much as needed keeping you in the loop the entire project.

Commercial Concrete Services Minnesota

Minnesota Warehouse Renovations

Are you interested in upgrading your warehouse with Warehouse Renovation Remodeling but don’t know where to begin? Let us help. Schedule a meeting with us and we will make a site visit to begin the process. Our goal is to help make your vision a reality. We offer accurate estimates, top of the line products, accurate lead times and professional work. In this business we know our reputation is everything and most of our business comes from referrals. Working companies such as the Minnesota Vikings and the Minneapolis Auto Auction we take pride in helping our local businesses and organization rejuvenate their facilities. So start with a call 763-559-1009 and we will do the rest. Warehouse Renovations: Bathroom Additions Lunch and Break Room Additions Docks and Concrete Work Driveways and Curbing Painting Lighting (High Bay Lighting, Low Bay Lighting, LEDs, Luminaire and lamp technology) Concrete Work Energy Efficiency Shelving and Rack Relocation

Warehouse Renovation Services Minnesota

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