Retail Build-Outs

What is a Construction Build-Out?

In the construction industry the term “Build-Out” is used when a building owner or tenant decide to retrofit their warehouse or office space for a new specific use. An example of a build out would be when a client is interested in leasing a commercial building but needs to make some changes in order for them to operate correctly out of this location. The building owner would then work with the tenant and the commercial contractor to retrofit or renovate the space to their clients needs. Project details would include adding offices, docks, new lighting, paint, lunchrooms, break-rooms, etc. The tenant provides their needs, the building owner approves the work, and the contractor performs the Build-Out.

Custom Retail Build-Outs Minnesota

Details of Construction Retail Build-Outs

When performing a build out on a commercial property many variables come into play. Randahl Construction is very familiar with build outs that involve both the building tenants and also the business owners in the state of Minnesota. In these types of projects communication is key and we understand that its our job to make sure the job gets done on time, on budget and while exceeding expectations. During our initial walk-though process, we typically like to have specific sub-contractors come in with us allowing them to get a feel and visual of the project at hand. This can also help provide specific insight helping us provide the most accurate numbers possible.

Accurate Build-Out Estimates

With 25 years experience in the construction industry our team at Randahl Construction has built a reputation for providing accurate numbers in our estimates and having never forced a change order on our clients. We always warn our clients to be cognizant of contractors who will try and cut corners on their estimates simply to get the project at the lowest cost. At Randahl we value honesty and integrity always making sure that we include all of the little details in our estimates explaining everything to our clients ensuring the accuracy of the estimates.
Custom Retail Build-Outs Minnesota

Retail Build-Outs

A retail build-out is construction work done to a retail location to get the location ready for business. These retail build-outs can also reference completing work at a retail store that was not finished. In the retail industry store fronts and store layouts are key in order to bring customers in and maintain them while they are there. So as business grows they tend to grow into new areas of their retail location or redesign their location to meet the needs of their customers. Expanding storage space or offices are also common projects when performing a commercial build-out.

The Process

Whether working with a building tenant or building owner our responsibilities within the build-out project doesn’t change. After estimates and contracts are agreed upon it is our responsibility to perform the construction, complete the project punch-list, and close out the project satisfying all parties. Through our years of experience we have learned that communication plays a major role in the success of a project.

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