Minnesota Office Renovations and Remodeling

Minnesota Office Renovation & RemodelingOne of our main services at Randahl Construction is Office Renovation (also called office remodeling). Our commercial renovation services help our clients update and revive energy to their workplace. We help clients in all stages of this process starting with estimating or helping then create a realistic vision for their projects. Often times our clients have the perfect vision already set and we are needed to estimate cost, project timelines and answer any other questions that they may have.

The Office Renovation Process

It all starts with a phone call. At Randahl Construction one of our favorite phone calls to receive is a business looking to upgrade, renovate or remodel their office space. We find great excitement in these phone calls because it allows us the opportunity to schedule a meeting with these clients and begin learning about their business and future plans.
When working on Minnesota Office Renovations and Remodeling projects, it is very important for us to understand company goals, business operations, employees, customers and future plans. This allows us at Randahl Construction to design a plan that fits and exceeds your expectations. Once all of the preliminary questions are answered we can begin to create an estimate or proposal for the commercial renovation process.

Estimating the Costs of Minnesota Office Renovations and Remodeling

commercial office remodelingAt Randahl Construction we take great pride in offering accurate estimates and proposals for our services. With 25 years experience in the industry we have built a reputation to offer honest, quick and accurate estimates for our potential clients. With our specific network of contractors and craftsman we are able to select the contractors we feel are the absolute best fit for the project. We often bring in the necessary team members during the walk-through process so that they can get a hands on view of the project.

Once the estimate is accepted by our client the work can begin. Even if the project has some lead time or is not happening right away we make sure that our communication process is set up and our clients are know what to expect.
The Show Must Go On
When dealing with office remodeling projects it can often get tricky to work around your current business operations while completing the necessary work on schedule. This calls for excellent communication and organization on our part to ensure that your organization continues to operate while the work is being completed. With our remodeling experience working with salons, retail stores, banks etc. we truly understand that the show must go on and we do everything we can to minimize the disruptions during this process.

Selecting a Commercial Contractor for Your Renovation Project

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