4 Great Options for Commercial Flooring

Whether you are remodeling your business or even starting construction from scratch, one of your main considerations should be flooring. At Randahl Construction, we often get questions about tile, carpet, polished concrete and VCT tile. commercial flooring options MNSo, here is a look at these commercial flooring options for your business.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has the potential to make your business shine, infusing new vibrancy into your property. With proper maintenance, tile has a long lifespan, and rugs and other insulators help offset the increased sound that comes with tile. However, it is critical to choose the right kind of tile. One guiding principle: in areas where there will be or could be grease, oil or water on the floor, avoid porcelain and ceramic tile. In other words, that type of tile is not a good idea for spaces such as garages and cafeterias. Tile can be a slippery surface; to minimize the risk of slipping, use smaller sizes of tile and unpolished surfaces.


The advantages of carpet for your commercial flooring include durability and advances in stain resistance and fading resistance. Carpet has come a long way in the past few years. Nylon is the most common material in commercial carpeting; other common materials include wool and triexta. If your business is a place such as a school or healthcare facility, carpet can be safer than other flooring choices in many areas of the business. You may not have known this, but the Americans with Disabilities Act calls for carpeting in establishments covered by the ADA to have a pile height of 0.5 an inch or less. Other factors that may go into your carpeting choice include color, construction and maintenance requirements. For example, health care facilities in particular need a focus on cleaning carpets of microbiological agents.polished concrete flooring Randahl Construction works closely with several carpet wholesalers in Twin Cities offering a wide variety of solutions for all your projects, no matter the requirements.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for low-maintenance commercial flooring with the potential to look stunning. Polished concrete is now trending in many office spaces across the state of Minnesota. Polished concrete is versatile too; you can dye and design the floor prior to polishing. While disadvantages include cracking and settling, this type of flooring is popular in places such as car dealerships and stores. For instance, the design of the floor helps guide customers’ lines of sight to products on display. This type of flooring is easy to clean, and for increased safety in some areas, your business can use rugs or anti-slip substances.

VCT Tile

VCT stands for vinyl composite tile, and VCT floors are popular in establishments such as car repair garages and large commercial businesses. One widespread look is composed of black and white checkered tiles, but we have seen many color combinations and design patterns. In any case, VCT is extremely sturdy and capable of handling heavy traffic. Drop something? No problem; there won’t be any damage to the floor. Do you work in sunny areas? No problem, either. VCT stands up to sun resistance for many years. It is water resistant too, and you can expect your floor to stay in great shape for as long as 20 years. Proper maintenance includes mopping as well as waxing to protect against scuffs.

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