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4 Tips As You Make Exterior Commercial Remodeling Decisions

Quite a few considerations go into exterior remodeling for your business. Randahl Construction, founded in 1986, has years of experience in such projects all across the state of Minnesota, so we hope this blog post with four tips helps as you prepare for your remodeling and go through the process.

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1. Identify Who You Are As a Business, and Think About How Your New Look Can Reflect That Brand.

On a basic level, when thinking about Exterior Commercial Remodeling you want your look to fit the type of business you run. For instance, a hospital and an auto repair shop look different both inside and outside. But on a more-specific level, it is important to know your targeted customers. Take a coffee shop. It can project a relaxed exterior vibe or a sleek, chic look. It can project artiness and quirkiness. Whatever your business philosophy and culture are, your remodel should reflect that. Even the design of parking lots makes a difference. A business that allots more space to parking or to the width of each space is communicating a different message than a business that makes other decisions. There is no overall right or wrong decision, but your choices do communicate certain things. Speaking of communication, it is also important to talk to your construction company or general contractor about the impressions you want to convey.

2. Give Priority to Exterior Painting.

Exterior painting—color, style and texture, for example—is one way to convey your business brand. Often, businesses need to budget differently for each aspect of remodeling. Some areas get more priority than others, and exterior painting is a top area to pay attention to. Ask the general contractors you are thinking about working with for photos or portfolios of previous exterior paint jobs.

One way to inject a fresh look to your business may be to use stucco. It is cement plaster used to give exterior walls a rough texture. It can lend a lot of character to your business. You can opt for any color and any design and texture.

3. Roofing Can Elevate Your Look to a New Level.

Oftentimes, roofing does not stand out. Roofs are just there, and that is fine most of the time. After all, as long as they are safe and do their job, does it really matter what they look like? Perhaps not to your business, but keep this in mind: your roof can also reflect your brand. For instance, you make a statement if you have a rooftop garden or solar panels. Even a brown roof says something different than a blue roof does. If your budget allows, use your roofing as a unique opportunity to communicate something about your business.

4. Ask to See Previous Exterior Commercial Remodeling Work.

We touched on this earlier, but it’s critical to see examples of previous work when you chat with general contractors about a commercial remodeling estimate. For instance, if you run a car repair shop, you want to see the commercial garage doors the companies have worked on. And no matter what type of business you run, keep an eye out for concrete work such as columns. Parking lots, roofing and exterior painting are other things to review. Below are a few photos from some recent exterior commercial remodeling projects that we have completed.

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By: Jason Kasanezky – VP of Operations & Business Development

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