Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Office Redesign

color paint palette wall When you are designing your office, one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance the space is your color choice. Not only does color set the entire mood for an office, it can also affect how you and your clients function within the space, which is likely to affect your bottom line. As much as paint can compliment a commercial remodeling project, it can also work against it. Excellent carpentry, drywall and lighting can be lost due to poor paint color and quality choices.

Paint Color Choice

Sometimes it is easy to simply pick your favorite color for an office space and be done with the decision. Or you may be inclined to match a perfect swatch of fabric. In some cases, you may luck out and end up with a very productive office, but in some cases, the paint color you choose may actually lead to a reduction in productivity.  For example, blues and greens can be soothing and relaxing. Red can invite increased energy. The trick is to pick colors that work well with your business model to get the best results.

Paint Type Matters

Another consideration to make is the type of paint you use. In a commercial setting, a long-lasting paint and finish are usually the best way to go, so you minimize costs associated with repairing or repainting a surface too often. Again, the finish of a paint, whether matte or satin, can also have an effect on the overall feeling, and thus the overall productivity, of your space.


In some cases, you may have already found the perfect color palette for your office. However, touchups are probably going to be necessary after any kind of redesign. To get the perfect match for your existing paint, simply chip off a bit of the paint you want to match and your contractor will be able to match it. This makes touchups easy and affordable, so you don’t have to try matching things by trial and error.

Don’t cheat when it comes to Commercial Painting

Neglecting your office’s color can have a huge impact on your business for better or worse. Take the time to discuss your color goals with your designer and contractor to make sure you made the right choice and you won’t be likely to regret it.

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