MN Commercial Remodeling ContractorsAre you searching for commercial remodeling contractors located in Minnesota for your upcoming business remodel or renovation project? If so, you are in the right place. With over 30 years of industrial commercial remodeling experience Randahl Construction has a team of qualified General Contractors located in the Minneapolis area that can assist you with your commercial remodeling project, no matter the size.

What Makes Randahl Construction Different

Before we go into the details of our commercial remodeling services and what we can provide for you, we feel it is extremely important to share our three main points of emphasis about our business.

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Experienced. Ethical. Established.

Commercial Remodeling Contractors
Randahl Construction – 7241 County Rd 116, Corcoran, MN 55340

√ Experienced – With over 30 years in the industry, Owner Randy Olsen and his team of commercial remodeling contractors, offer a plethora of construction experience and knowledge when it comes to remodeling your business. 

Ethical – Being known as an Ethical commercial remodeling contractor in this Industry is something that our leadership team has put on the forefront of our business goals and as a team we strive for this everyday. Most of our business is referral business and our team understands that we are expected to be honest, fair, trustworthy and always giving 100% effort to the project at hand. This, in the end, benefits our customers the most because they’re able to trust our team, believe in the work we are doing and also build a strong relationship with our company knowing we are in this business to help them and here for the long run.

Established – Working with clients across the Twin Cities the Randahl Construction brand has built a very well established name amongst some of the top businesses in the Twin Cities. Working with clients such as The Minnesota Vikings, Sun Country Airlines, DHL and others we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Now that you have hopefully learned a little more about who Randahl Construction is, let’s dig into how we can help you with your upcoming commercial remodeling project.

Finding the right commercial remodeling contractors.

commercial remodeling contractor
Commercial Remodeling Contractor 763-559-1009

Understandably every project typically brings in two or three commercial contractors in order for a business to make the proper decision. That said, we always recommend that you take time in this process and find the right contractors for your business. Meeting with the contractors face to face and taking the time to learn about them is key in selecting the right contractor for the job. When selecting the commercial remodeling contractors for your job make sure to ask them some important questions:

– How long have you been in the business?

– Who are some of your existing customers?  

– What is your lead time and schedule?

– What happens if there is a change order? When is the last time you had a forced change order?

– What type of communication can I expect from your team and when is the best time to have meetings?

– Do you see any concerns with this project?

After all of those basic questions are answered along with some of your personal questions, you can then wait for the estimates to come in and begin figuring out what contractor is the right fit for the job. The meetings that you hold with your potential contractors should be a deciding factor as to who you want to work with.. Relationships and communication are very key in the commercial remodeling process and you do not want to take the lowest bid from a company if you had a rocky questionable meeting with them.

If you are interested in having Randahl Construction come out to your facility and discuss a commercial remodeling project please contact us – and we will do the rest from there.

Commercial Remodeling Contractors

Randahl Construction, Inc. is a commercial construction firm with a commitment to: Quality, Value, Sustainability and Reliability. Founded in 1986, Randahl Construction works with clients in healthcare, commercial, educational, and corporate organizations. Whether the project is remodeling office building tenant space, a nursing home, or a retail center, our objective remains the same: High quality work – on schedule and within budget.

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