Similar to other industrial construction projects, our commercial remodeling projects begin with our team meeting the customer at their facility.Industrial Concrete Polishing This helps our team understand the business we assisting and what their goals are with the project. Once we truly understand the business and their vision, the fun can begin. We’re in the commercial remodeling business because we enjoy repurposing and remodeling existing space and making it more valuable for our clients. Our joy is found in the relationship that we create with our clients and the end results that we can provide for them.

In our industry, projects vary from client to client but most often our remodeling projects involve the following: Demolition, Framing, Drywall, Painting, Electrical, Heating & Air, Plumbing, Doors & Hardware, Ceiling Tile, Flooring: Carpet, Tile, and/or Concrete. In this blog post, we’re going to share about the benefits of bringing life to your business through using polished concrete flooring.

Similar to old hardwood floors in residential construction, commercial construction clients often times miss a great opportunity to add value and a unique look to their business by utilizing the existing concrete floors. Industrial concrete floors are often over looked because they currently have VCT tile, linoleum tile or carpet currently installed over them. Clients assume that they need to replace that flooring with new products of the same style or a different type of industrial flooring. Our clients are often intrigued with the idea of utilizing the existing concrete to create something special for their business.

Benefits Industrial Concrete Polishing

With the advancement of industrial polishing tools for concrete in the recent years, polished industrial concrete floors provide our clients with the ultimate flooring solution.Minnesota Concrete Floors We say ultimate, because the polished floors can now be polished to a level in which they offer a clean amazing, unique look, with little or no maintenance. Low or no maintenance comes because the concrete grinders create such a high gloss finish that the flooring does not need waxing or coating. The unique look of a polished concrete floor is one tough to replicate. The amount of grinding and polishing along with the type of concrete and the aggregates used in the concrete mixing process will determines the end result or look of the flooring.

Adding Color to Polished Concrete

Along with the unique look, shine and high gloss of a polished concrete floor, color can also be added to the mix, customizing the flooring even more. Our concrete polisher and team will bring ideas and looks to your flooring that you could have never imagined.

Not All Concrete is Good For Polishing

Although polished concrete can add great value to your business, not all concrete can be polished to a desirable level. So it is important to have us review your concrete to see if your concrete is suitable for polishing.

Minnesota Polished Concrete Flooring Pricing

If you are interested in polished industrial concrete flooring or have a commercial remodeling project give us a call at 763-559-1009 or fill out a Commercial Remodeling Estimate form. Polished Concrete Floors Minnesota

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