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Concrete Machine Pad – Blaine, MN

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Concrete Machine Pad Project Spotlight

Division: Concrete Division | Concrete Machine Pad Location: Blaine, MN Customer: Turfco Manufacturing Project Details: Randahl Construction was contracted to remove the existing concrete floor and pour a new machine pad for new manufacturing equipment. The previous floor was damaged and unsuitable for the new equipment.

What is a concrete machine pad?

A concrete machine pad is concrete that is placed under a machine or equipment meeting the requirements of the equipment. Large manufacturing machines and equipment often times require the floor to be engineered in order to hold the machine itself and also to withstand the impact pressure the machine puts on the floor beneath. 

Do I need a machine pad for my new equipment?

All equipment and machine manufacturers will provide you with the specs and requirements for the new machine foundation or flooring. 

What type of concrete pad is required for my machine?

Again, manufacturers of the machines and equipment all have the specs and drawings required for their machines. That is why it is important when buying used machines or equipment to check if the manufacturer is still in business.

How much does a machine pad cost to install?

Installation prices vary depending on the existing flooring, new flooring requirements, building accessibility, and other variables. 

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