Concrete Ramps in Warehouse Facilities

concrete ramps in Minnesota For many warehouses, concrete ramps are some of the most frequently used of all surfaces. Not only do these inclines allow materials to be moved quickly and easily between levels, they greatly aid with loading, unloading, and reorganization of goods that are coming in on vehicles. Because ramps are so often utilized in day to day warehouse operations facility managers have to pay close attention to surface integrity. Keeping concrete surfaces, including ramps, in good condition expedites materials handling and raises the standard of safety throughout the entire environment. Randahl Construction has installed new concrete ramps for many warehouses and provided the resources required for the improvement of existing ramp surfaces.

The Role of Ramps in Warehouse Environments

Even small warehouses are likely to have at least one ramp. These surfaces are utilized in many locations, such as:

• In loading docks
• Near vehicle bays
• Leading to front, side, and back entrances
• Leading to mezzanine levels
• In freezers and refrigerated storage areas

Depending on the location and intended use, a ramp may be built out of different materials. For instance, concrete ramps are typically used in loading docks to allow vehicles and carts to move easily. Ramps in locations where spills are a potential hazard are likely to be made of a grid or textured metal surface for improved safety. Because many factors have to be considered in the design of any warehouse ramp, working with an experienced contractor is essential. Compliance with various building codes and safety regulations is much easier to achieve as a result.

How Ramps Are Used in Warehouse Settings

A properly designed ramp allows people to use it in several ways. In addition to providing enhanced accessibility throughout a facility, ramps are ideal for the transport of oversized or heavy goods. While warehouse lifts can do a lot to move goods around and hoists assist with the shifting of cargo to the top of a stack, ramps facilitate the relocation of many items at once. Carts, hand trucks, forklifts, and other equipment can be used to quickly and easily move items throughout a facility.

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Some materials require special handling or a higher degree of oversight. Teams of people may be required to relocate goods from one section of the warehouse to another. Ramps can be made spacious enough to accommodate many different use scenarios.

Improving the ramps in your warehouse can dramatically improve operations and material handling options. Working with an experienced team of builders is the best way to ensure that all new concrete ramps are constructed according to your specifications. If you are looking for pricing, have general questions or would like a site visit please call 763-559-1009.

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