Commercial Remodeling EstimatesWhen it comes to remodeling your office space, there are a few things to know in order to obtain the most accurate estimate for your commercial remodeling project. As the construction season is upon is in Minnesota, general contractors and construction managers are very busy with current projects, so it’s important for you to educate yourself prior to having a contractor visit your facility. Below are some tips and general construction information that we have come up with at Randahl Construction, to help you improve the accuracy of the estimates you receive and to ensure that the contractors quote your project properly.

Understand Your Commercial Remodeling Goals

What is the main goal of the commercial remodel project? Are you looking for more office space? Updating the office with a modern look? Building consolidation? Expansion?

Creating a vision and understanding of your end goal is key when communicating your project to the general contractors. This allows the contractor to understand your focus areas while eliminating or minimizing other items that may increase the costs of the project.

Let’s say that you are interested in updating your building to provide a new and revived office space for your employees but the budget is limited. The building layout may not be exactly what you desire but providing an updated modern work area, is most important on the list. Investing in new lighting, office cubicles, carpet, office art and aesthetics can provide great value for your employees and add that desired energy to your workspace. A majority of your budget can be invested in purchasing the new modern designs of the above products making your new space really pop.

While focusing a majority of the budget on those aesthetic items, you will need to save in other areas. Those areas could include: ceiling tile, office layout, bathrooms, etc. Getting creative with your existing office layout and not changing any walls could be the first area to save. Eliminating the ideas of demolition or construction of new walls in the space can save you greatly. Another cost savings idea would be if your building ceiling tile needs to be updated, you could simply replace any damaged tiles and put a fresh coat of paint over the top of the the existing tile. This option would bring a fresh look to the ceilings and improve the lighting all while saving on the costs.

The above scenario is an example of how sharing your vision and goals can help you improve the accuracy of the estimates you receive and also ensure that your are getting an estimate that meets your needs. Below are a few last Commercial Remodeling Bid bullet points to remember when obtaining pricing for your project.

commercial remodeling mnCommercial Remodeling Bids – Things to Know

Building Permits – Permitting should be done by the contractor and included in the construction estimate.

Precise Drawings – Most construction projects today, require architectural designs that should be completed before final estimates are submitted.

On Time – Contractors should offer you a detailed schedule of the construction project. This ensures that both parties are on the same timeline and that your project will be completed when expected.

On Budget – It’s important to ask the contractor about any potential change orders with your project. Being aware of the variables in a construction project can allow your business to plan ahead if any change orders do happen.

Detailed Estimates – Obtaining as much information as possible in the bidding process is key to selecting the right contractor. Often times contractors will send quick numbers for the project and then upon selection follow up with a detailed proposal. Reviewing this detailed proposal is vital to the projects success. Make sure that your contractor is willing to put a detailed proposal together for your review.

References – It’s always important to have references from your contractor.

List of Exclusions – Always make sure that your contractor offers a List of Exclusions. In other words, what items or tasks are not included in the estimate for this project. An example Exclusion would be re using existing Door Frames. “The contractor will not be providing new door frames for this construction remodel project as the existing door frames will remain in place”.

In summary, we hope that you found this article helpful and that it will also help you select the right commercial contractor for your project. If you are a Minnesota based company looking for a remodeling contractor make sure to contact Randahl Construction, Inc. for all of your commercial remodeling and construction needs. Call 763-559-1009 Contact us for a Free Estimate

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