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When it comes to business slogans, there’s no getting around the fact that talk is cheap. It doesn’t take much more than a thesaurus and a half hour of brainstorming to develop a catchy slogan or string together a list of words that simply seem to sound good. As far back as any of us can remember (and probably further), mediocre brands with apathetic customer service have been touting their “values,” only to disappoint when the rubber hits the road. Anyone who’s familiar with commercial construction and remodeling probably knows that this industry, too, suffers from its share of charlatans. Why bring this up? Well, for one, it’s a reminder to remain cognizant of who you’re actually hiring to get the job done. But more importantly, it’s because we just happen to be bold enough to think you’re smarter than that. It’s also why, for almost three decades, we’ve centered our business on meaningful values that enable us to be true to ourselves while delivering top-notch results and customer satisfaction. Unlike empty words, Randahl Construction’s slogan, Experienced. Ethical. Established., is just as useful to the folks at Randahl as it is to customers. Each word carries with it and almost 30 year history of tradition and dedicated service, hard work and, the main topic of this article, experience.

Experienced Commercial Remodeler
What, exactly, does it mean to be experienced? After all, a person could assume that, in order to be experienced, someone must only have had to do something before. In that case, claiming to be “experienced” at something wouldn’t carry a whole lot of weight at all. At Randahl, however, we like to the think the term “experienced” has to be earned – not only by way of having done something many, many times, but, perhaps more importantly, by having done it the right way. Quantity, in it of itself, is not exceptional. A team of workers can tackle a project every day for years on end, but if each project is of questionable quality, it doesn’t matter. Likewise, while the quality of work done is the cornerstone of a construction project, that same team won’t accumulate much experience if the only work a couple of times per year. When the two are combined, however, you acquire expert skills, practical wisdom, and a commitment to not cutting corners – much closer to the Randahl Construction definition of “Experienced.”

Why the Owner is Involved in Every Project

Throughout the years and the changing times, we’ve remained a humble company, true to our roots. In fact, our owner and founder, Randy Olsen, still oversees every single project we do. We’d be lying though, if we said we weren’t proud of the work that we’ve done and the experience we’ve gained in doing so. We want to share this experience with those around us. Whether that means completing your commercial remodeling project, providing useful tips with an informative blog article or mentoring our up-and-coming construction professionals, at the end of the day it’s all about using the industry experience we’ve gained throughout the years to benefit you.

Randahl Construction Inc, Minneapolis Commercial ContractorIf you have a question about commercial remodeling or have a project you’d like to receive a fast, accurate quote on, give us a call at 763-559-1009 – we’ll be happy to help.

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