Green Building Remodeling

Green Building Remodeling

Once upon a time, basing a remodeling project around saving energy and environmental standards was rare. Only a select few businesses did it, and it was often very expensive. In today’s world, things have changed greatly. Now, many companies that are otherwise unaffiliated with environmental causes are remodeling and building their places of work with an emphasis on being green. Why, exactly, are businesses doing this? It turns out that there are a number of reasons, even if you’re not what most people would call an environmentalist.

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits to implementing green remodeling for your building is energy efficiency. Having a more energy efficient building means you’re using less energy over the long run, translating into less overhead for your business. Taking simple steps such as having a commercial remodeler upgrade your HVAC systems can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Heating and cooling costs are widely known to be a money pit for business, and by reducing waste reduction and lowering operating costs, you can go a long way in making your business more profitable. Green remodeling can also reduce water costs, another common source of resource and financial waste.

Green Remodeling for Tax Advantages

Green building remodeling doesn’t just save you money by slashing your energy costs. It also helps bolster your company’s bottom line by allowing you to take advantage of tax incentives given to buildings that meet green energy-saving standards. By meeting these new standards, you’ll be able to benefit from the full range of tax incentives that are offered to businesses with green buildings. While tax incentives may vary from one municipality or state to the next, it is likely there will be some sort of environmental tax credit available for green businesses, as many tax programs are implemented at the federal level.

Green Buildings, Customers and Public Image

Increasingly, customers are preferring to do business with companies that have taken steps to make their buildings more energy efficient. In fact, studies that have been done show an increase in sales after remodeling or building a green office or commercial building. When the potential for increased sales and the significant tax advantages are combined with the fact that green buildings aren’t much more expensive to remodel or build, it’s apparent that the economic benefits to having an energy efficient building are even greater than most people are aware of.

Environmental Benefits

At the end of the day, green buildings are also generally less harsh to the environment around us, which can benefit everyone. Even if your motivation for commercial remodeling your building to be greener is primarily economic, you’ll be doing good in the community by creating a more sustainable business environment.


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