Industrial Concrete Information 101

(Issue 1 of 4 in the Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series)

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series. We have built a four part series sharing all of our industrial concrete services at Randahl Construction and how they could benefit your business. Being in the construction industry for over 25 years we have the experience, staff and tools to meet the demands of all types of industrial concrete projects. With over 1000 completed projects with in the Twin Cities Randahl Construction is your resource for all of your Industrial Remodeling, Renovation, Construction and Concrete needs. If you have specific questions about your facility or a project please give us a call 763-559-1009 we would be happy to help in any way we can. We are centrally located in the Twin Cities so we can travel around the state of Minnesota to meet you if needed.

With out further ado let’s begin…

Industrial Concrete Contractor MinnesotaBelow you will find the first part of this series defining and explaining the different type of concrete work that we perform and how it can help your business or facility.

Concrete Installation in Minnesota

Every concrete project in Minnesota is different in areas such as size, location, amount of concrete needed and the amount of man hours needed for completion. Although those variables are different from project to project the standard installation of concrete is fairly standard. You prepare the area, lay the forms, pour the concrete, then you screed and finish the floor. Obviously because of our harsh winters we do not pour outdoor concrete year round. Contact us to learn more about our schedule.

Concrete Replacement

Damaged concrete in your facility needs to be handled right away as it can be a major safety issue, cause serious damage to your materil handling equipment, slow the flow down in your warehouse and could also be susceptable to a fine from OSHA. We understand the severity of damaged concrete at your facility and are willing to make adjustments in our scheudle to stop by for a site visit. After our site visit we can then provide you with an estimate and lead time for completion of your project.

Warehouse Concrete

There are many types of warehouse environments ranging from heated, unheated, refrigerated, controlled humidity, clean rooms, high density storage etc. leading to many variables that need to be assessed when choosing the proper concrete for the warehouse. Each project and environment needs to be looked at individually to determine the proper fit for that business or location. Variables on concrete capacity include: layout of the storage rack or pallet rack system, type of  material handling equipment, floor thickness, concrete strength, reinforcing steel etc. all are taken into consideration. We work with Engineers to make this process an easy one for you. Our experience provides us the knowledge to ask the right questions the first time around providing our team with all of the proper concrete information needed for your project. We also specialize in Warehouse Renovations and Remodeling visit our webpage form ore information.

Parking Lots

Parking Lot Curbs Concrete MinnesotaOften times when performing an exterior remodel or a retail build out, Randahl Construction can also include concrete and parking lot work. This work can include installing new drives, curbs, performing concrete repair, adding docks and any other parking lot work that may need to be completed. While working on the exterior of store fronts and entrance ways for businesses, upgrades to the parking lot and sidewalks should be completed as well. This gives the final touch to a nicely rejuvenated facility.

Concrete Slabs

If you are looking to expand your current facility or repair some concrete slabs at your business we can help. Our experienced concrete team can identify the damaged concrete and provide the best solution solving any safety hazards promptly. If you are looking to expand some concrete slabs at your current facility please give us a call and we can schedule a site visit or begin working up a proposal for your project. We are always willing to help no matter where you are in your project, so you can also email any general questions using our concrete contact form.

Concrete Restoration

When looking into industrial space for your business, often times you will come across worn out properties that have had years of wear and tear, turning some buyers off from the start but the more experienced purchasers contact us before turning down a facility due to wear and tear.  At Randahl Construction our clients know that we can restore concrete and warehouse facilities bringing the life back to properties and potentially saving them thousands of dollars. In you are in the buying or leasing process, we can provide accurate proposals and lead times helping you make the best decision for your business. Our honest expertise is a great free resource for you to use when investigating a property because we can help you identify any potential hazards that we may see from a construction stand point. Call us today and let us help you make the right choice for your business. View a warehouse restoration clip here:

Industrial Concrete Contractor –  Randahl Construction

In summary, we are experts in Industrial Concrete and here to help you and meet you exactly where you are in your project. No industrial/commercial concrete project is too large or too small for Randahl Construction. If you learn one thing from this article please remember to use your free resources and our expertise when looking into any concrete project that you may have. Stay tuned for issues two, three and four of our Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series.

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