Industrial Remodeling

Industrial Remodeling

The economy is on an upswing, and the industrial real estate market is as hot as ever. There are a whole lot of companies vying for the limited amount of industrial real estate, and prices are high. If you’re the owner or lessor of industrial space, this is great news. It means business is going well. If you’re on the hunt for a new warehouse or other industrial real estate, however, it means you may be looking at forking over more than you bargained for. Still, it may seem like a no-brainer: either compete for new industrial space or remain stagnant. There is a third option, though: remodel your current industrial space.

Commercial Industrial Remodeling

Industrial Warehouse ConstructionYou may not yet realize it, but your current warehouse or industrial space can be made to look and function completely different than it does now. Through the process of industrial remodeling, commercial industrial space can be totally reconfigured, transforming your existing space into a practically unrecognizable new area. Warehouse remodeling can result not only in a new and revitalized look, but in greater functionality as well. If there are walls or other existing structures, for example, that interfere with the flow of traffic or use up otherwise viable space, an industrial remodel can eliminate them, creating an overall more efficient place to operate.

Reorganize and Re-configure

As part of an industrial remodel, other existing structures, such as bulk shelving, can be moved in order to create more space, and ultimately, create more room for people and products. Rather than spending a fortune and undertaking the difficult task of trying to obtain new industrial space, your existing space can be reorganized into a place that can fully accommodate your current operations, as well as add room for future growth. Simply by reorganizing and re-configuring, an industrial remodeling project can add a significant amount of room in which to function.

Increase Value

Minnesota Renovation ServicesLike office or other types of business remodeling, industrial remodeling also adds value to your current space. With the industrial real estate market as hot as it is, the return on investment of a well-done industrial space remodel will be significant. Though there will be costs up front, turning an older-looking warehouse into a bright, clean, contemporary industrial space will greatly increase the amount of money potential buyers or lessees will pay to make it their own. The value-added aspect of industrial remodeling makes this an especially favorable route compared to acquiring new space altogether.

Industrial Remodeling Minnesota

With Minnesota’s economy being even stronger than the national average, its industrial real estate market is booming. There’s no better time than now to increase the value of your existing space and make it more enticing for buyers or to reconfigure your warehouse and make it more efficient to accommodate the demands of your business. At Randahl, we have decades of hands-on experience in the field of industrial remodeling, and we know what it takes to truly transform your space with an industrial remodeling project.

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