Bathroom Remodeling

Commercial bathroom remodeling can be an exciting time for your business, whatever the reason that prompts the remodel.Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Often, it is done to update a look that has gone out of fashion, but sometimes it is performed to bring a business into compliance with disability laws. At Randahl Construction, we encourage clients to think about the following areas in bathroom remodels: faucets, stalls and tile. Here’s a look at these aspects and a few others.

1. Out with the Old Piping

Extensive bathroom remodel work exposes the guts of a bathroom, meaning old pipes. Now is the time to install pipes that do not corrode and that are easier to work around. Water damage may also be exposed and can be corrected. More bathroom remodeling options!

2. Consider Low-Flow Toilets and Urinals

Toilets use a huge amount of water per flush, sometimes up to 7 gallons. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says that toilets, urinals and the like tend to account for nearly 40 percent of commercial water bills. Opt for low-flow toilets and urinals to save money on your water bill and to help the environment.

3. Reflect the Brand of Your Business

Of all areas of your business, the restrooms are perhaps the most unique place where you can reflect your brand. It is also the area that can have the most impact. For instance, people expect common areas such as lounges or dining areas to look relatively nice and polished. Bathroom appearance and maintenance are where we have noticed some businesses fall short. We’ve eaten at nice restaurants only to visit the bathroom and see a missed opportunity. Even in businesses where the public does not come in, putting thought into the bathrooms can improve employee morale. No employee wants to second guess using the restroom while at work.

– Faucets are one fairly obvious area where you are able to express your business brand. For instance, if your business culture equates to a modern and sleek look, your faucets may be waterfall faucets connected to curved, rectangular vessel sinks. If your business is a nonprofit focused on cutting costs, then a utilitarian look with eye-popping artwork may do the job just fine.

– Stalls are an important area to think about. Do you want stalls that go nearly top to bottom for enhanced privacy? Should stalls be made of stainless steel, plastic laminate or even wood? Ask the general contractor you are working with for ideas that reflect your brand.bathroom mirror commercial remodeling

– Bathroom walls and flooring are often made of tile, and you have more options than ever. You can even opt for tile that looks like wood or brick and that has the same excellent moisture resistance as porcelain. Tile looks such as 3D and metallic are popular these days. Marble tile continues to be versatile no matter where it is.

– Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest? Bathroom mirrors can make a huge difference, especially if you are going for a relatively plain, budget-conscious look elsewhere in the bathroom. Other items to think about include wall paint, paper towels and/or hand dryers. Motion sensors too; do you want that for your faucets and paper towels? How about for your electricity? Lights can come on only when people enter.

Certainly, a bathroom remodel means many decisions, but it is one of the most important and underlooked ways your business can make a difference.

By: Jason Kasanezky – VP of Operations & Business Development

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