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For clients whose business is in healthcare, medical office remodeling can mean many things. At its minimum, it means remaking the space to allow for the more efficient use of your facilities. Medical Office RemodelingDepending on the exact nature of the business, it can also mean adding new rooms that allow for procedures and treatments that used to be referred out to other doctors or facilities. In some cases, it can even mean converting a simple practice with examination rooms and a business office into a bustling clinic capable of handling simple blood tests, x-rays, and other peripheral services alongside its core functions. Often times at Randahl Construction, we help clients in the Twin Cities with a long term remodeling plan. We often begin with some simple office remodeling updates that can be a small capital investment benefitting employees and staff, then we focus on the areas with high ROI such as the clean rooms etc. that may be a little more cost intensive but have a major impact on profits. 

For those who are just beginning to plan a medical office remodel, it can be a daunting task to find local commercial remodeling contractors who understand the needs of medical businesses and have the team in place to perform the construction projects desired. The key to being sure you have found the right people to handle a medical remodel is to find contractors who have the experience to understand what you need and have the proven track record as well.

Evaluating Contractor Experience

clean room constructionThere’s a big difference between a contractor who advertises remodeling services to the healthcare industry and a contractor who has the expertise to deliver. While looking at the available options, it is important to learn to evaluate for a few features. That will allow the field to be narrowed down to a few serious considerations that can be vetted more thoroughly.

Existing projects: If the first concern is whether or not a contractor has experience with the kinds of demands that medical facilities will make during a remodel, then your first move should be to take a look at existing medical remodels that the contractor has overseen. Requesting a photo portfolio is a great way to get the opportunity to see these past projects for yourself. In the later stages of considerations, it might even be a good idea to ask about visiting a past client to view the work for yourself.

Professional presentation: Another way to get a good feel for a contractor’s level of expertise and past experience is to look at the way the entire construction company presents itself to clients. If employees are held to a high standard for both personal appearance and conduct, it is easier for customers to know they are focused on the job. That means more than just having well-dressed people, though. It also means having employees whose attitudes reflect their professionalism, and who can knowledgeably deal with a customer’s wants and needs. The better informed and more autonomous a company’s employees, the more you can rely on the organization as a whole, because everyone involved will be pulling toward the same goal with a clear vision.

Industry-specific design: One of the ways that medical facilities differ from many other facilities is in their needs. When constructing clean rooms and other medical office remodeling projects, businesses need to know about the standards for clean rooms in their specific medical facilities. That means many things. medical office contractorFor starters, it means knowing the materials that will be needed. It also means understanding the features the room will need, including the adjacent facilities that need to be constructed to facilitate entry to and exit from the sterile space. Without that vision, contractors simply cannot meet the expectations of clients in this area.

Settling on the Right Choice

Once you have settled on a short list of local contractors there will be a few more steps to take before you make a final choice.

  • Face-to-face interviews and meetings to go over your plans and budget

  • Concept design meetings where you will review the contractors’ approaches to the remodel

  • Formal bid collection processes that allow you to see cost, design, and time to completion on each estimate

Contact Randahl for Medical Office Remodeling

Once all of that information comes in, finding the perfect contractor for your medical remodel should be easy. If you are located in Minnesota and have a medical commercial remodeling project give us a call 763-559-1009 or use our simple Contact Randahl Form to see if we are the right contractor for you and your business. 

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