Minnesota Commercial Concrete Services

Your Options for Commercial Concrete Services in Minnesota 

For many business owners in Minnesota, professional concrete services are a necessity for the general appearance and upkeep of their business property. Not only is it important to work with a concrete contractor that’s knowledgeable about a number of commercial concrete services, it’s equally important to work with a company that has a sterling reputation and the experience necessary to perform their concrete services properly and safely for the best results. Learn more about some of the more common commercial concrete services and why you might want to consider them for your business.

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New Concrete Construction

If you have yet to build your business, it’s essential that you start off with the proper foundation.MN Concrete To keep potential problems to a minimum when it comes to constructing your business, it’s best that you work with a concrete service company that will remain with you from the beginning of your project until the end as doing so goes a long way in maintaining the overall service and quality of your construction project.
Additionally, it’s in your best interest to have the help of a company that’s committed to staying on budget and doing everything possible to keep your project on schedule.

Concrete Contracting

Another concrete service your business might require is concrete contracting. This particular service deals with concrete finishing, estimating, laborers and project management. (View our Concrete Services) Projects included in the realm of concrete contracting include:

  • Machine foundation pit concrete pouring

  • Electrical equipment pads and foundations

  • Scale foundations

  • New concrete construction

  • Dock leveler pit installation and replacement

  • Concrete floor repair

Minnesota Concrete Repair

Once your concrete has been poured and laid out, it’s likely to become damaged over the years. To restore the appearance and functionality of concrete structures, you’ll need expert concrete repair services that are aimed at long-lasting and effective solutions rather than quick and easy cover-ups that don’t get the job done.

If the concrete on your commercial property should ever start to settle and sink, you’ll most likely need to resort to concrete slab leveling. Weak soil is often the main cause of settling concrete, and the issue can lead to serious complications within your commercial building if it’s not taken care of by a professional.

When a current concrete structure can’t be fully repaired, there’s a chance it will have to be destroyed to make way for a new construction that offers better functionality.Commercial Concrete Services Because of the cost of concrete demolition, many business owners would rather not have to resort to this specific solution, but it might be the only viable solution.

Additional concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete cutting

  • Concrete sawing

  • Concrete crack repair

  • Concrete patching

  • Concrete foundation repair

Polished Concrete Floors

Not only is concrete useful for the exterior of your commercial building, it’s equally beneficial for the interior. Concrete floors make for a great option for businesses, but polished concrete floors are even better. No matter your industry or niche, having polished concrete floors are sure to make you and your business look that much more professional.

One of the best things about opting for polished concrete over any other flooring option is the fact that polished concrete floors are a cinch to take care of. After your floors have been polished, there’s no need for you to worry about or spend money on waxing or coating your floors, which equals big savings. There’s also the fact that you can easily personalize the appearance of your polished floors, ensuring you have a design that matches the overall aesthetic of your company.

Commercial Concrete Services in Minnesota

If your commercial business is in need of professional concrete services, Randahl Construction stands at the ready to take exemplary care of you and your business needs, just give us a call 763-559-1009. Also use our Contact Us form to start exploring your options and find out which services are the best for your specific requirements. Still not convinced? Check out our website dedicated to our Concrete Division.

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