A Quick Look at the Commercial Remodeling Process

Minnesota Commercial Remodeling EstimatesAre you ready to remodel your business space? Curious about Minnesota Commercial Remodeling Estimates? Remodeling can help increase the productivity of your workers and might even help you draw in more business. Whether you need to redo an office space or improve the functionality of your warehouse, a commercial remodel can be a big benefit. If you have never done a commercial remodel before, you may be curious about the process. We work with you to make a plan that will stick to your budget, engineer solutions to meet your goals and then start the actual demolishing and rebuilding.

However, like any other improvement projects, this update can get expensive. Before you start the remodel process, you may want to think about what type of renovations you want to do and what type of improvements your company feels ready to invest in. One of the first steps in this process is getting in touch with a general contractor and also an architect. These two teams can quickly identify if your vision is reasonable with your budget or cash available. That said, let’s dive into the commercial remodeling process.  

Consider the Renovations

commercial remodeling mn Before you can really start the renovation process, you need to think about what kind of end product you want to have. Are you more concerned about aesthetics or function? Do you want to keep the updates small or are you willing to take on a bigger project? We can help you update various aspects of your office space, including:

  • Redoing the flooring with carpet or tile.
  • Moving walls.
  • Replacing windows and doors.
  • Updating cubicles.
  • Replacing heating and air conditioning units.

Are you more interested in redoing your warehouse space? In this area, you may want to redo the concrete docks, put in more efficient lighting, relocate shelves and add on break rooms and bathrooms. The current state of your building can dictate what kind of renovations you do. If you are moving your company into a new building, it may be the perfect time to remodel the space, so you can make it exactly what you need and want.

During the planning phase, you can also work with us to pick out design elements, engineer wall movements and finalize the renovation schedule. Having a detailed plan can make it easier for you to get accurate Minnesota commercial remodeling estimates.

Get an Accurate Estimate

In order to get accurate Minnesota commercial remodeling estimates, you need to consider multiple aspects of the remodel. For example, if you simply want to repaint and refresh your space, it could be cheaper than changing the floorplan of your office. As you learn more about the price of certain renovations, it will help you figure out where you want to spend the bulk of your budget.

Once you know what you want to do, you need to communicate your goals with your contractor. However, good communication needs to go both ways. We understand that communication is a key part of getting an accurate estimate, which is why we offer detailed estimates so you know exactly what you are paying for and what services you are not getting.

Start the Work

After the plan has been made and the budget has been set, we can start doing some of the actual work needed for the remodel. The first work phase is the demolition. Depending on the state of your building, you may need to tear out cabinets, rip up flooring or remove old windows and doors. Sometimes the demolition can uncover electrical issues or water damage. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a contingency fund you can use to pay for unexpected costs. We work hard to keep you apprised of any issues that are uncovered, so you can make informed decisions about the state of your remodel. After the demo comes the rebuilding and repairing. During these final stages of the commercial remodeling, you will really start to see your space coming to life.

Minnesota Commercial Remodeling Estimates

While getting Minnesota commercial remodeling estimates may not be the most exciting part of the remodeling process, it is still important. If you’re in Minnesota and ready to start a renovation of an office or warehouse space, give Randahl Construction a call today 763-559-1009 or use our Commercial Remodeling Estimate Form to begin the process. 

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