Industrial Concrete Information 101

(Issue 2 of 4 in the Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series)

by: Minnesota Concrete Contractor – Randahl Construction

Hello and welcome back to our Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series. We will continue working through some very important terms and definitions when discussing commercial and industrial concrete. As we are in the midst of winter here in Minnesota it’s a great time for businesses to be learning and planning for their spring or summer concrete projects. If you have a industrial concrete project that you would like an estimate on please contact us or call 763-559-1009 to talk with one of our Concrete experts.

Concrete Pouring

As part of the concrete installation process, pouring the actual concrete is a key factor to the overall project success. At Randahl Construction we have great relationships with our concrete suppliers and we are able to get top of the line service and products often times wowing our customers with the quick turn around and project completion dates. Understanding the equipment and pouring the concrete properly, calls for experience and needs to be a group effort with great communication. With the noise of the construction site communication when pouring concrete is typically done by hand and sign gestures. The below picture guide is some simple hand gestures and signs that concrete workers use during the project.

Minnesota Concrete Contractor

Decorative Concrete

Concrete flooring is utilized in all types of commercial and industrial applications. The main purpose of concrete flooring is to obviously provide a stable flat workspace but another purpose could be to provide a clean aesthetic look to the work area or showroom. Often times decorative concrete can be found in retail environments or showrooms. Decorative and stained concrete flooring is more expensive in price and more labor intensive but provides an excellent looking finished product. Randahl Construction only provides decorative concrete for commercial and industrial applications, we are a non-residential contractor working specifically with businesses.

Concrete Floor Leveling

Although there are several options for leveling concrete, Randahl Construction most often utilizes a self leveling liquid fill. LIQUIDFILL is environmentally safe and an efficient way to level concrete is exclusive to Cemstone Distributors such as Randahl Construction. This mixture of cement, flyash, sand and water create a Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) used for leveling. Our LIQUIDFILL works excellent on soil stabilization projects, mudjacking and subgrades.

Concrete Topping

In the concrete industry topping or screeds can be defined as a leveled layer of material used as a means of providing a smooth flat surface. Applied at the appropriate thickness this well compacted material provides a flush and leveled, transcendent surface without crack or curling.

Fixing Damaged ConcreteConcrete Cutting

Industrial and commercial concrete cutting projects may seem like simple easy tasks although at Randahl Construction we take all of the proper precautions and planning to make sure that any project we take on is done safe and properly. Understanding the technology of concrete and the diamond tools available, our concrete sawing team has years of experience with the basic cutting projects and also is able to perform major sawing techniques with specific requirements. Typical concrete cutting is needed when damage to the concrete occurs and an area needs to be removed and replaced. Other applications for concrete cutting include changes in the building design such as new docks, doors or windows or building expansion.

Concrete Repairs

One of the first things Randahl Construction does when visiting a concrete repair site is to try and identify what caused the damage. Being able to repair the damaged concrete is one thing but if you do not find out what caused the damage you are not doing your self much good. Our specialty as your concrete repair contractor is to fix the issue at hand but also provide solutions to make sure that the damage does not happen again. Our concrete repair team is one of the best in the state of Minnesota and we are able to help you with your concrete repair no matter the size of the project. If you have some damage concrete at your facility give us a call today 763-559-1009 and schedule a free site visit where we can come out and help you with your damaged concrete.

Minnesota Concrete Contractor

To learn more about our Minnesota commercial concrete services or to discuss one of your concrete projects feel free to use our Concrete Estimate Form or reach out by phone.

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