Minnesota Concrete News – July 2017

Minnesota Concrete NewsAs a commercial concrete contractor in Minnesota, our concrete division specializes in all types of concrete projects including: sidewalk repair, block and masonry work, loading dock repair, concrete pads, equipment pads and more. Our 30 plus years experience allows our clients to bring us all types of concrete projects knowing that we are capable of getting the job done. This experience has also taught us that we need to be continually learning and always staying on top of concrete trends in the industry. So for this month’s Minnesota Concrete News we have included some helpful concrete articles for you to learn, share and enjoy.

Concrete – Thermal Cracking

We always have said that there are two things guaranteed about concrete: That is will get hard and that it will crack. Our job is to minimize the cracking, so when understanding why concrete cracks is key. Read the below article which details what Thermal Cracking is and how it can be prevented or minimized.

For Construction Pros – Thermal Cracking: Why it happens and how to control it.

Pouring Concrete in Hot or Cold Weather
Pouring Minnesota Concrete in Hot or Cold Weather

Pouring Concrete in Minnesota’s Changing Seasons

One of the most beautiful things about Minnesota is the change in seasons. Winters get extremely cold but in the same sense the summers can get very hot. As a concrete contractor it is important to understand how to manage pouring concrete in all conditions. Below are two helpful articles that discuss pouring concrete in both conditions.

Concrete.org – Hot Weather Concreting: Methods for Success

Cemstone – Cold Weather Concreting

Concrete Polishing

One of the newest trends in modern office and industrial spaces today is concrete polishing. The sharp, clean and durable surface offers a wide variety of benefits to businesses of all industries. (Read about the benefits here) That said, it is often asked “Can all concrete be polished?”. Below is a very helpful article to answer that question.

Concrete Network – Can All Concrete be Polished

Concrete Basics Concrete Basics

Concrete is actually pretty cool. When you truly understand the process and what simply goes into it, you begin to see the coolness. The below article covers Concrete 101 and is informational for veryone. Even our most experienced team members could learn a thing or two from this article.

Concrete Network – What is Concrete: Concrete & Cement Defined

In summary, thank you for reading and please give us a call if we can help you with any or your concrete questions or projects.

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