Minnesota Concrete RepairThis past summer, our concrete division had been very busy with Minnesota concrete repair projects across the Twin Cities. We worked with all types of businesses helping them increase safety in all areas of their facilities including loading docks, sidewalks, walkways, stairwells, etc. Most often, we were called in to repair the concrete sidewalks at the entrance of buildings and also damaged ADA Handicap accessibility ramps. Working closely with the city officials and our architects, we were able to provide concrete repair solutions for both simple and detailed projects. We utilized our architects when we ran into projects such as Handicap Ramps and Exit Stairways that needed to be up to city and state codes. Structural engineers came in very handy when dealing with structural concrete repair projects.

Minnesota Concrete Repair Information

When it comes to concrete repair in Minnesota there are several reasons why you want an experienced concrete contractor to handle these projects. We have seen and heard of several projects over the years, where an inexperienced contractor has failed to provide a long term solution for the client, simply providing a short term solution, not looking at the real problem. This only causes more headaches and issues for the client. Every project that we look at, our field supervisor and experienced concrete estimators, make sure that we review all scenarios and understand the cause for the issues and provide a solution. Sometimes our clients simply want the cheapest option available and don’t care to fix the real problem although most often our clients choose to address the real issues and allow us to create permanent solutions for their facilities.

Minnesota Concrete Sidewalk Repair

In the state of Minnesota, there are a few issues that result in concrete needing repair. As previously stated, often times simple quick fixes can be performed on damaged concrete but it’s always best to find the cause of the issue and address it by creating long lasting solutions. Some of the quick fixes include:

Concrete Grinding

Commercial Concrete ServicesSometimes when clients see that their concrete has either been dropped in only a few areas they quickly take out a grinder and begin grinding the concrete level. This not only looks bad but it also does not offer a long term solution. If the conditions were powerful enough to move the concrete either up or down, it will simply continue to move in that direction until the underlying issue is addressed.

Concrete Slab Jacking

When concrete sinks it is usually due to poor compaction or issues with the underlying soil. Concrete slab jacking is a quick fix because slab jackers can simply float the original slab back into place by pumping a mixture of cement, fly ash and sand under the slab. This then raises the slab back into place. Slab jacking can be effective although it does not ensure that the original issue has been addressed.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Although concrete grinding and concrete slab jacking can provide short term solutions the most common and effect way to repair damaged concrete slabs is to remove and replace the damaged concrete. By removing the damaged concrete, we are able to address the underlying issue and provide a solution that is long lasting for the customer. Some times our clients want the most cost effective solution to fix their problem which is clearly understandable but unfortunately with concrete, cheap solutions tend to only last a short while and in the end, could be paying double for the repair. If you or your business has concrete that needs to be repaired give us a call at 763-559-1009 or use our concrete request form and we can help you find a solution.

Structural Concrete Repair

Damaged structural concrete and block need to be addressed and handled by professionals. Structural concrete damage happens more often then one would think but also tends to get over looked. The effects of damaged structural concrete can become very serious if not handled promptly and by professionals. Depending on the structure different solutions can be provided and most often will be determined by the structural engineer. Structural engineers help contractors address the issue and provide the best long term solution for the structure. Our experienced team of concrete experts can help you with your structural damage and answer any questions that you may have. To schedule a site visit please use our Concrete Request Form or give us a call at 763-559-1009. Randahl Construction serves the entire Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

For more information on Minnesota Concrete Repair please visit our Concrete Repair webpage for a full review of our Concrete Repair Services.

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