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Industrial Concrete Contractor Welcome to the fourth and final article in our Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series. As in the three previous articles, we will continue to explain and describe some main terms and phrases in the commercial concrete industry. Randahl Construction offers a full line of professional concrete services throughout the State of Minnesota and can help you plan, budget or execute any concrete projects. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your existing concrete or an upcoming project, as we can help with: product suggestions, answering the tough questions, budgets, and more call 763-559-1009.

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Concrete Apron

What is a Concrete Apron?  A concrete apron can be found in both residential and commercial concrete applications. The concrete is placed to transition from grade to slab. In residential applications this is the 2-6 feet of concrete you see at the tops of drive ways. In a Commercial application it also helps transition the grade to slab but also can direct water away from the building. In commercial applications these can be found around drive-up doors, walk out doors, etc.

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Curbs & Gutters

minnesota curbs & guttersRandahl Construction specializes in commercial curb and gutter projects. The main purpose of Commercial concrete curb and gutter system is to channel flowing water to drains which eliminates the need for side ditches. A well constructed curb and gutter system can improve your pavement performance by preventing surface water from getting beneath the pavement.

Showroom Flooring

Concrete flooring in your showroom not only sets the tone for your business but also can meet the demands of heavy foot traffic and standard wear and tear. Some of the most exciting showrooms in the State of Minnesota find ways to be different and create a lasting impression on their visitors. Often times flooring can get over looked or under emphasized but when done properly  – WOW – it makes a difference. Curious to see options that we have available?Contact us and we can send you some pictures of our recent work.

commercial concrete expertsConcrete Footings

The main purpose of the concrete footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling. Concrete footings are typically poured into excavated trenches and then combines with rebar for reinforcement purposes.

Poured Foundations

The substructure underneath the first floor frame of a building including the footings on which the structure rest. There are several different variations of poured concrete foundations although the purpose remains the same.

Commercial Concrete Education

In summary, we hope that you have expanded your concrete knowledge through these articles and we ask that you keep us in mind for any projects that you may have. And remember that we are always available to answer any questions that you may have. 763-559-1009!

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