Pulling Permits: Building Permits and Commercial Remodeling

Building Permits and Commercial RemodelingImagine the following situation: you’ve made the decision to remodel your commercial building. You’ve identified ways in which your existing structure can be improved, and have developed some clear goals for the remodel. You’ve also met with a commercial remodeler who is now familiar with your vision for the building and is ready to move forward with the project. However, there’s still one thing missing: your building permit. While it may seem like a minor technicality, it is required by law to get a hold of a building permit before starting most building remodels, construction, or other upgrades.

Building Permits Purpose

Building permits are used to enforce the building codes set in place by the municipalities that issue them. Building codes are a way for state and local governments to defend residents against illegitimate contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners that inadvertently compromise the structural integrity of the buildings they work on. When it comes to commercial remodeling, building permits are almost always required. While they may seem like more of a giant hassle than a protective measure, building codes and permits serve an extremely important purpose in keeping us safe from sub-par construction and remodeling work.

How to Get Building Permits

Once you and your contractor have finished planning for your commercial construction project, it will be time to submit your plans for approval and obtain a building permit. If you’ve hired an ethical contractor, he will take it upon himself to get the necessary building permit, a process that’s often called “pulling permits.” An experienced and ethical contractor will take responsibility for pulling permits because they are taking responsibility for the project and the work that’s completed. If your contractor pushes you to pull the permits yourself, it may be a sign that they are not trustworthy. If the building owner or tenant pulls the permits themselves, they will be responsible for the work that is done, including any poor quality work that may result in injuries or degradation of the building. Your commercial remodeling contractor is the expert and is familiar with the process of pulling permits, and should be the one responsible for obtaining them.

Building permits may seem like annoying red tape, but they play an important role by keeping you safe and ensuring your commercial remodel is held to high standards by an objective third party. Without them, it would be easy for unethical and low-quality contractors to build shoddy structures. If you’re hiring a reliable commercial remodeler to do your commercial construction project, let them take care of the process for you. After all, they’re pros at going through the process of pulling permits, and will be willing to put themselves on the line for the work they’re doing for you.

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