Commercial Concrete

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Minnesota Commercial Concrete Contractors 763-559-1009

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Minnesota Professional Concrete Services

[column type="1/2"] [icon_list style="font-size:24px;"] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Concrete Foundations[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Scale Foundations[/icon_list_item] [icon_list style="font-size:24px;"] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Concrete Slabs[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Equipment Pads[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Masonry Projects[/icon_list_item][/icon_list][/column] [column type="1/2" last="true"][icon_list style="font-size:24px;"] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Concrete Sawing & Cutting[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Sidewalk Repair[/icon_list_item] [icon_list style="font-size:24px;"] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Solar Equipment Pads[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style="color: green;" type="check"]Polished Concrete[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style="color: red;" type="times"]No Residential Concrete[/icon_list_item][/icon_list][/column] Located in Corcoran, MN, Randahl Construction is a commercial concrete contractor that has been in business for over 30 years. Our concrete division specializes in all types of industrial concrete projects. We offer concrete expertise, highly experienced team members, masonry experts, high ethical standards, and top of the line quality craftsmanship offering our clients the absolute best value. We have built this concrete division by consistently over exceeding expectations and making sure that all of our projects are completed with care and expertise.

Experienced. Ethical. Established.

Our concrete work can be found across the state of Minnesota including at multiple Community Solar Fields in both southern and northern Minnesota. Other projects such as our equipment and machine foundations can be found in local Twin Cities businesses such as TURFCO, Clean Air Products, MTS Systems and many more. Our references speak for themselves.  [blockquote cite="T.G. from ZEISS" type="left"]All projects were completed on time and on budget. Quality of work was very good. I would recommend to others.[/blockquote] [blockquote cite="Facilities Engineer" type="left"]Randahl Construction met our needs with a well-executed and on time delivery of our new facility. The end result looks better than we expected![/blockquote] [blockquote cite="Anagram International" type="left"]your guys did a great job, very respectful crew was a pleasure working with them.[/blockquote] [button type="real" shape="rounded" size="large" href="" block="true" title="Contact Randahl Construction"]Schedule a Site Visit or Get Concrete Pricing[/button]   Sidewalk Repair - Plymouth, MN Our professional concrete finishers are a team of dignity and unbending principles making sure your flatwork and commercial flooring specifications are met to perfection. With years of on the job experience, we only use the best concrete finishing equipment to ensure that your finished concrete surface meets all of your expectations. We understand that the concrete is the foundation of your business and we take great pride in providing you with the absolute best concrete service available.

Concrete can be defined as a composition material formed from a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time.

Looking to learn more about Concrete? Visit our Industrial Concrete Information Page Our full service concrete division is quick, in and out, on schedule and stays within your budget. No job is too large or too small for our team to handle. Again, we handle all of our projects with the same importance and professionalism.

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Looking for a local Minnesota Concrete Contractor? Give us a call 763-559-1009. We offer FREE site visits and no obligation.  concrete solar pads[vc_column fade_animation_offset="45px" width="1/2"][vc_cta h2="Commercial Concrete Request Form"]

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