• Site Visit, Project Discovery Meetingstages of a commercial remodeling project
  • Site Visit, Project Estimate Meeting with Team
  • Proposal Presentation 
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Building Permits 
  • Site Preparation 
  • Demolition 
  • Construction Framing 
  • HVAC – Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical 
  • Fire Protection 
  • Sheetrock / Drywall 
  • Ceiling Tile 
  • Painting 
  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Clean Up 
  • Permits & Final Walk-Through 

Stages of a Commercial Remodeling Project by Randahl Construction, Inc.

Site Visit – Project Discovery

When we visit potential clients, it’s our goal to learn and understand the business as much as possible. Listening carefully to their needs and making sure we understand exactly what they are looking for in this project. Using our experience in the industry, we try to share or list any causes for concerns with their plans. We feel communicating this early in the process is very helpful for the client. Some contractors may try and hide or pass by these potential issues but at Randahl, we want to ensure that our estimate is as accurate as possible upon submission. Set up a free site visit for your company here >>>

Site Visit – Project Estimate Meeting with Team

construction drawings and price estimatesCommunication is the Key to a Successful Project – On our team, good communication starts at the very beginning of the project. After meeting with the client or potential client, it is then our responsibility to convey their vision or goals with our team members who will be hands on during the project. This project estimate meeting can further identify any specific issues that may have been missed in the discovery meeting as well as ensure the accuracy of the numbers we are providing. Forced or mandatory change orders in a project can be detrimental to any business relationship, so we do everything in our power to limit them by having experts review their portion of the project.

Proposal Presentation

Our project proposals are professional, detailed and accurate. When presenting our estimates to the client or potential client we make sure that our estimates are clearly communicated and they understand exactly what we are providing. Being the low number or cheapest contractor is not our goal or business model. Being honest, accurate and trustworthy is our goal. Project Exclusions is a very important portion of our proposals as well. We want to share up front what we will not be providing as well to ensure everything is discussed up front. Our experience and projects speak for themselves and we want to build lasting business relations with our clients rather than getting work with low ball numbers end up only disappointing the businesses we work for. (View our project page here)

Pre-Construction Meeting

Communication is the Key to a Successful Project – Our pre-construction meetings are simple… Get everyone on the same page from the beginning. We use this meeting to update the team members on any changes from the original plan and discuss any scheduling issues prior to the project launch date. Construction scheduling is also very important and it is our goal to always finish the projects on time, so our team of laborers, suppliers and leads need to be on the same schedule.

Building Permits

Being in business for 31 years, Randahl Construction has experience in dealing with city officials and building permits. Our experience helps us present the city with exactly what they are looking for in order to begin construction.

Site Preparation

Often times our commercial remodeling and concrete projects happen at an existing workplace so our site preparation is very important. Proper planning and preparation can help minimize any disruptions in business operations. Security walls, plastic protection and proper ventilation is all apart of this process. If the project is large enough, Randahl Construction will also create a construction map for the business to post and send out to their employees.


Bottom line… construction demolition is FUN! That said, it’s only fun when done safely and cautiously. construction demolition MNOur demolition team is quick, clean, professional and safe. We make sure to take all of the necessary precautions but we also have fun when the demolition begins. Demolition is also the messiest stage of the project, so we make sure to have appropriate plans of disposal for all of our demolition work.

Construction Framing

At Randahl Construction, Inc., we’ve invested in our carpenters because we understand that quality work begins with the carpenters. The carpenters often set the pace for the project. If their work is subpar, it then slows down the entire project and causes headaches for team members who have to use the subpar work to complete the project. Framing is the stage of the project where our carpenters fit together pieces steel or wood to give a structure support and shape.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Our HVAC team or comfort specialists, ensure that the building and project have healthy building conditions during and after the project. Proper upgrades and maintenance are performed at this time as well.


In almost every work place, the bathrooms are the most over-looked areas of a business when thinking about a remodel. ADA compliance and other upgrades may be necessary, so creating a one-of-a-kind bathroom for your employees and guests can make a huge difference. Our plumbers come into projects and usually work on the existing infrastructure improving and upgrading the system. Our plumbers specialize in installing new plumbing systems and maintaining plumbing systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage and drainage.


Our electricians specialize in the electrical wiring of the building, stationary machines and related equipment. They typically either repair existing electrical infrastructure or install a complete new system for our clients. There are many variables that decide which route to go and that’s why our electricians are present early in the bidding process making sure we provide the best option for the client. Our electricians also perform any data and cable work as necessary.

Fire Protection

It is the clients responsibility to maintain their facilities in accordance with a design-basis that is rooted in laws, including the local building code and fire code. Our fire protection team provides updates and the necessary new systems for the project at hand ensuring that our clients are up to code upon project completion.commercial construction MN

Sheetrock / Drywall

New sheetrock and drywall offer a fresh clean look to facilities and finish off any new walls that have been added. Professional mudding and taping is a must in the commercial remodeling industry because poor craftsmanship and work will be easily identified. Our drywall team is fast, professional and complete our projects with great detail.

Ceiling Tile

One of the most over looked details in a commercial remodeling project is the ceiling design. Ceilings make a much larger impact on projects than people think. There are many different solutions for the ceilings in commercial space but the most common is ceiling tile. Acoustical ceiling tile can offer a fresh clean modern touch to the office space and really make a difference on the project. The ceiling tile is usually one of the last stages to complete in a remodel.


Once all of the internal projects are complete and the drywall is finished and sanded down the painting team can then begin. As in all design projects, choosing and selecting the proper paint for a commercial project is key. Read about our 2016 Office Design Trends that discusses the recent color trends in office space across the state of Minnesota.

Carpet & Flooring

Choosing the proper carpet and flooring for your commercial space is very important because you want the flooring to compliment the design of the project but you also want it to last. We work with several wholesale carpet distributors in the Twin Cities, offering our clients the best selection for their business. Along with carpet, we also work with industrial flooring wholesalers with a diverse product offering allowing us to meet our clients needs for every project. Our carpet installers are fast, professional and clean. When the carpet or flooring installation is complete our clients are always satisfied. Having an experienced flooring installation crew is vital to our success because we understand that every commercial building is different and we need make sure that our installers are qualified for every project. Learn more about Concrete Polished Floors.

Project Clean Up

With most of our projects happening in businesses that are operating and continue to operate during construction, clean up and keeping the work space clean is something we focus on the entire duration of the project. With proper dumpsters and clean up supplies on hand, our team makes sure that the job site remains clean and safe at all times. The final clean up stage in our projects are taken very seriously because when we present the finished project to our clients we want it to be spotless.

Permits & Final Walk Through

After the project is complete, Randahl Construction then works with the local city inspectors finishing all of the required inspections. More information Commercial Remodeling Permits >>>

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