Commercial Concrete Floors

Types of Commercial ConcreteWhen it comes to the types of commercial flooring available, the options are abundant. Wood, vinyl and tile, for example, are all popular options. However, concrete flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years for its durability, customizability, reflectivity and ease of maintenance. Concrete’s attributes make it an obvious alternative to many traditional flooring options. Not all commercial concrete floors are the same, however. There are a variety of applications, grades, stains, finishes, polishes and other variables that come into play when planning the installation of a commercial concrete floor.

Types of Commercial Concrete

In order to cater to the wide array of applications for which concrete can be used, there are numerous types of concrete available to both commercial entities and home-owners. The different varieties of concrete vary in terms of strength, the speed at which they set, their aesthetics, and even the stone they’re made with. Depending on the application for which the concrete is being used, some of these variables may matter more than others.  In a busy warehouse, the grade of the concrete (low, medium or high) may be the single most important factor at play, because the slab must be both extremely strong and durable over the long term. A concrete slab being used in the entryway of a retail store, on the other hand, may not need to be ultra-high strength, but will have to need to look appealing because it’s one of the first things customers see when entering the store. Even with regular concrete there can be a relatively large range of strength (1,400 psi to 5,800 psi), so it’s important to do research and speak in-depth with a professional to assess your needs before moving forward with a project.

Retail Floors

Industrial Concrete MinnesotaIn high-traffic areas such as retail floors, polished concrete can withstand the abuse brought about by a high volume of guests, while also reflecting overhead light and brightening the interior of the store. Concrete floors can be polished to be as reflective and shiny or as course and matte as is needed. Typically, concrete floors are polished using progressively fine polishing wheels, which are embedded with diamonds. The coarsest polishing wheels are used first, followed by the next most coarse, and so on, until a smooth and shiny concrete surface appears. Polished concrete floors are highly customizable, and can have logos and other designs inlaid in the surface, as well as glass, polymers or acid stains. Polished concrete is not only highly durable, pleasing to the eye and relatively inexpensive, but is also easy to maintain. Most polished concrete floors require only regular sweeping, along with the occasional deep clean to stay clean and looking brand new.

Minnesota Commercial Concrete Contractors

At Randahl Construction, we have the experience, expertise, equipment and manpower needed to complete your concrete project on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction. We’ll work ‘round the clock to ensure your concrete is set and polished on, or often before the finish date outlined in the estimate. In three decades of commercial construction and remodeling, we’ve never had a forced change order, and that includes our concrete division. To get in touch with us and learn more about commercial concrete projects or get an accurate, real-numbers estimate, give us a call at 763-559-1009 or fill out a commercial concrete quote request.

Commercial Concrete Projects in Minnesota

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