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Building Construction MinnesotaBuilding construction is a general term for the planning, designing and building of a structure, usually for use by a specific client. Building construction can refer to a wide range of projects and activities, from civil construction to residential housing construction. As a general contractor serving the state of Minnesota, we specialize in commercial building construction and remodeling, having garnered three decades of building construction experience. When you hire us to complete your project, your client experience starts with us learning the ideal vision you have for your building. Using our experience as general contractors, we listen carefully to your vision and create a detailed plan, a real-numbers project estimate, and a timeline for completion. We carry out each step of your project with the open communication, attention to detail and professionalism you’d expect from an experienced, ethical and established general contractor.

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As a general contractor, our job is to coordinate the completion of your project from the idea stage to the walk-through of the finished product, which is given by our President and founder, Randy Olsen. In our experience serving as a Minnesota general contractor, we’ve created a diverse portfolio of completed projects, including among our clients several of the state’s most well-known businesses and organizations. We’re capable of delivering construction projects, build-outs and remodels to virtually any type of structure, including retail centers, warehouses, strip malls, hospitals, clinics, distribution centers, banks, and more.

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No successful construction project can be completed without work done by skilled craftsmen. We’ve made it our priority to establish long-standing working relationships with our subcontractors, so that you can expect a consistently high quality of work and no deviation from the estimate provided at the outset of the project. Our database of materials and labor pricing is continuously updated as a means of providing accurate estimates, eliminating guesswork, and preventing forced change orders. We include our subcontractors in the estimating and planning stages of the project, and hire only the most reputable and competent subcontractors in their respective fields. Looking to get an estimate on a project? Just fill out our brief contact form or give us a call 763-559-1009. We can provide a free estimate, schedule a site visit, or simply provide more of the information you’re looking for. Randahl Construction is a commercial remodeling company and general contractor who has been in business for 25+ years.
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