sidewalk repair in MinnesotaTake Time to Repair Sidewalks This Summer

Living in the Corcoran area means that we get to enjoy the features of all four seasons. Unfortunately, the ups and downs of annual weather cycles can have a negative impact on concrete sidewalks. The small cracks, chips, and splits evident in walkways, stairs, ramps, porches, and other concrete elements pose distinct safety hazards to employees, customers, and visitors. Make the decision to prioritize concrete sidewalk repair this year to prevent accidents on your property. Get a FREE ESTIMATE on your concrete project today.

What Causes Broken Sidewalks?

sidewalk-repaired-in-mnConcrete sidewalks are generally built to last. When concrete is prepared and poured by experienced handlers the resulting surface will stand up to many years of use with only minimal care. If concrete was prepared or poured incorrectly, it is unlikely to deliver the same kind of performance. Surface irregularities and other variations can suggest installation errors; considering that many sidewalks were installed several decades ago current property owners may have no idea who originally built the sidewalk. Nonetheless, current owners are responsible for maintaining applicable walkways. Quality repair services from the experts at Randahl Construction can correct many past mistakes and secure better performance for the future.

Even concrete that was prepared correctly has the potential to develop problems. The wrong de-icing product can damage concrete surfaces, leading to minute crack. In the winter snow melts and enters these small crevices; as the temperature drops the water freezes and expands, gradually forcing the crevice further apart. Cracks can grow in a matter of weeks, especially in the harsh Minnesota winters.

Winter is not the only season tough on concrete. During spring when tree and plant roots are surging back to life, concrete slabs can buckle and tilt as the dirt beneath them shifts. Surfaces already damaged by ice are especially vulnerable to accelerated damage requiring concrete sidewalk repair.

Proactively replacing concrete that has been cracked or chipped is a good way to prevent accelerated damage. In fact, replacing these surfaces is often the best solution.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair

b6/12 curb repair Replacing broken concrete surfaces has several valuable advantages to commercial property owners. For instance:

• Concrete is replaced according to modern best practices so you are assured of higher quality results.
• Simply filling cracks does not prevent future damage. (Temporary Fix See ARDEX)
• Continually refilling or leveling broken surfaces ends up costing much more than replacements.
• Safety and accessibility are maintained to the highest degree.
• Compliance with local, state, and federal codes is maintained.

Concrete replacement is best done in the summer, though it can also be done at virtually any other time of year, summer time is the most cost effective. This year, commit to taking care of your concrete surfaces. If you are located in or around the Twin Cities, Give Randahl Construction a call for a Free Estimate on concrete sidewalk repair.

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