Industrial Concrete Information 101

Industrial Concrete Information(Issue 3 of 4 in the Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series)
by: Minnesota Concrete Contractors – Randahl Construction
Hello and welcome back to our Industrial Concrete Contractor Educational Series. Today we continue defining some very important terms relevant to the commercial and industrial concrete industry. Randahl Construction is a Minnesota based commercial constriction company that specializes in industrial and commercial concrete for their clients. Covering the entire metro area of the Twin Cities, Randahl Construction can offer quick accurate estimates on any and all of your industrial concrete projects. Working specifically with businesses Randahl Construction does not perform residential concrete work. Randahl Construction is one of the Minnesota Concrete Contractors for Cemstone.

Retail Concrete

Decorative concrete in retail environments can often create a unique look to a retail space while also providing a durable surface for the large amounts of foot traffic. Similar to most construction projects each concrete floor that we install is unique in it’s own way having many variables to consider.

Concrete Removal

Randahl Construction offers professional concrete removal services for all types of projects. No concrete project is too small or too large for Randahl’s commercial concrete team to handle. With all of the proper equipment and resources our team can provide you with a cost-effective solution for all of your concrete removal needs. Concrete demolition can be a very loud and messy project although at RC we focus on our customers needs and expectations making sure that disruptions minimized and the job is completed safely and professionally. Call 763-559-1009 to discuss your project today!

Concrete Restoration

There are many types of products and solutions available to restore or renovate commercial concrete. The durability of concrete allows for restoration to be a viable options. Products such as: epoxies, concrete cleaner, pour able patches, crack fillers etc. all can be utilized depending on the application.

Concrete Waterproofing

Pigmented Siloxane: A specially formulated waterproofing sealer treatment with pigment added to help produce a uniform color on concrete. Depending on desired results, CPC Siloxane or CPC Super Clear Coat can be applied as a sealer after 28 days (CPC Pigmented Siloxane is specially formulated waterproofing treatment with pigment added to help produce a uniform color on concrete).

Commercial Flooring

Commercial concrete flooring can range from a retail high end environment all the way down to a back room storage area. “Commercial” simply means for business and all types of business environments. Randahl Construction has dedicated our services to the commercial side of the industry only not serving home owners or residential projects.

Commercial Concrete Services

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