The right office set up can make a big difference on your employee’s ability to be productive, as well as their morale. If you’re considering a remodel, we here at Randahl Construction believe the you should be well aware of the hot Modern Office Design Trends that are trending right now. Check out a few of the newest, streamlined options to find out which one will work best for the specific requirements at your place of business.

1. Open Office Layouts

Modern Office Design TrendsIn the past, the boss sat alone in one room, while employees were trapped in small cubicles. Today, however, more offices are moving towards a more open layout where everyone get ample space. If your office is full of dark hallways and seemingly endless passages, it may be wise to knock down a few walls for a better flow and improved natural lighting that everyone can benefit from.

2. Flexibility

Instead of a permanent office layout that is set in stone, increased flexibility is a trend that is making it easier for bosses and employees to make changes when necessary. Depending on the current project a team is working on, office furniture can be moved around to make room or to make collaboration easier.

3. Office Communal Areas

Creating a sense of community in the office can help boost morale and improve productivity, and communal spaces that promote interaction can do just that. A lounge area where employees can gather for impromptu meetings or to go over notes before a big presentation can be valuable, as well as several large community tables that are shared between multiple people.

4. Hidden Wires

With the increasing amount of technology present in today’s offices, it can be a challenge to prevent clutter from taking over. Designs that successful hide wires from sight are becoming more and more attractive to those with an eye for modern design.

As you consider where you want to take your office, keep your needs in mind. These trends are a good place to start as you come up with a plan that works.

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