Twin Cities Retail Construction

Twin Cities Reatil ConstructionIf you live in Minnesota’s largest metro area, you may have noticed a trend: businesses around the Twin Cities area are looking newer, sharper and more welcoming. Buildings that previously appeared average are sparking the interest of customers by featuring brand new facades, paint schemes and overall appearance. In fact, it was reported in 2013 that Twin Cities retail construction was not only booming, but was leading the nation. Newly built and remodeled stores, malls and shopping centers have been appearing around the area, giving Minnesota stores a more exciting customer atmosphere.

Projects such as the expansion of the Mall of America and the building of a $100m dollar retail outlet in Eagan have pushed the Twin Cities metro area into the number one spot in retail construction. With the emphasis on customer experience more important than ever and demand for retail remodeling at an all-time high, it’s important for businesses to keep pace with the trend and take a closer look at why Minnesota retail businesses are choosing to give their traditional brick-and-mortar spaces a modern makeover.

Retail Construction and Customer Experience

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for exceptional customer experiences. Customer experience means considering more than just the price on the tag or the business’ logo. The experience that a customer has at a given store can encompass everything from the customer service they receive to ease of parking, and everything in between.

When it comes to customer experience, the look of a retail building is extremely important. The look of a building tells customers a huge amount of information, and it can positively or negatively affect their experience at a store. At the most fundamental level, remodeling retail space is all about providing a top tier customer experience.

Retail Construction Manager

One of the biggest challenges faced by retail businesses when planning a commercial remodeling project is finding the right project manager. Hiring a remodeling contractor whose expertise and experience matches the end goals of the project is key to making sure the end result of the retail construction project is what the coordinators of the project had in mind. A commercial remodeling project manager with experience in the retail sector will be able to conduct the project smoothly, will be able to stay on budget, and will ensure the new look of the retail space creates brand consistency.

Are you a business that’s interested in updating the look of your building? Find out more about the retail remodeling process by visiting our website or giving us a call at 763-559-1009.

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