About Randahl Construction, Inc.

About Randahl Construction

Randahl Construction, Inc. is a commercial construction firm with a clear three-point commitment to quality craftsmanship, value added service, and reliability. Founded in 1986 by Randy Olsen, Randahl Construction works with clients in all industries including: healthcare, dental, finance, educational, and corporate organizations. Whether the project is remodeling office space in a building, a nursing home, or a retail center, our objective remains the same: high-quality work, on-schedule and within budget. Our three-point commitment and objective to quality work has resulted in three decades-worth of projects that have been completed on schedule and within budget.

Randahl Construction, Inc. Minneapolis Commercial Contractor

The long-term success of any construction project depends on the quality of workmanship and grade of materials used. Over the course of our time in the commercial construction industry, we’ve established a proven track record of high quality work, accurate budgeting and adherence to schedule. We subcontract only high-caliber craftsmen with the experience, skill and knowledge necessary to build or remodel your facility and create a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

We also believe relationships and clear communication are fundamental to lasting success in any industry, and we have an unwavering commitment to ethical business practice. Along with the knowledge we’ve gained in our construction industry and our proven track record in commercial remodeling, this belief forms the three pillars of the Randahl Construction brand: Experienced. Ethical. Established.

Remodeling and Construction Estimates with Pinpoint Accuracy

At RCI we take great pride in offering our clients and potential clients with accurate numbers up front along with a honest timeline for the project. We believe that our pre-project communication is the key to our overall business success. Accurate numbers upfront provide our clients with the trust that they need from their contractor. Often times contractors will low-bid a project to get in the door only to change that pricing later once they have been awarded the project. By offering fair, honest and upfront true costs of a project during the bidding process, we have built long term business relations with our clients. Our projects often turn into long term relationships because our clients appreciate our upfront communication and accuracy when planning for a project. Our commercial construction estimators take the time to meet with the different sub-contractors on site reviewing all aspects of the project ensuring that we do not miss anything in our construction proposals. Attention to detail when discussing “Exclusions” with are clients is also a strength of our business. We want our clients to know exactly what we are providing for them and also what we are not providing for them. Often times, low bid contractors will not list these Exclusions out for their customers, most likely planning to add them on later with change orders. We don’t operate like that. Owner Randy Olsen has built this business on his experience and knowledge in the commercial construction industry. When reviewing a project for bid, we focus on all aspects of the work and make sure we discuss all potential issues with the client up front. If we see potential issues with the project we want our clients to be able to prepare ahead of time if issues arise.

Project scheduling is another area of our business that we take great pride in. Our team works very hard to plan and execute our commercial construction projects with accuracy. Over the years we have found that honesty and accuracy are very important to our clients so we have focused our business growth improving in those areas. Commercial construction projects need clear communication from start to finish in order for them to run smoothly and with success.

Accurate pricing and scheduling are critical to the successful execution of any construction project. At Randahl Construction, the construction estimates we provide are based on current industry standards and materials pricing. We’re able to offer our clients the most accurate pricing available by way of our continually-updated materials and pricing database. Because the information we base our estimates on is current and accurate to the most minute detail, clients can be confident there will be no surprise price increases once the project is underway. Our insistence upon producing detailed estimates and meticulously planning projects in advance allows us to say that, during more than two decades of commercial construction, we have never had a forced change order.

Green Construction Standards
We practice green construction and strive to keep pace with current green standards. Remodeling and construction projects centered on creating a greener, more energy-efficient commercial building present a number of advantages, including lower utility costs, tax advantages, positive public image and, of course, environmental benefits. Give us a call or send us an email to ask us about ways in which to get tax breaks for building green and using energy-saving construction technology.

We Build Lasting Relationships with Loyal Clients

Building owners must be able to trust their general contractor with their investment. Our clients depend on us to serve on their behalf, both ethically and responsibly. We’ve built a strong reputation for providing quality construction, dependable value, and customer satisfaction. That’s why over half of our business comes from returning customers. At Randahl Construction, our commercial remodeling and construction services don’t just produce client satisfaction – they produce client loyalty. Our clients benefit from the secure relationship we build with them, and investors have confidence in our commitment to budget, work schedules, and quality construction. After building one project with Randahl Construction, clients loyally return to us for all of their future expansions and remodeling. Randahl Construction is committed to listening carefully and responding appropriately when our clients speak. We have an open-door policy and are available on an ongoing basis to answer questions, resolve problems, and discuss the construction process. We believe that communication is the key to a successful construction projects and lasting business relationships.

Randahl Construction Inc, Minneapolis Commercial Contractor

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