Construction Frequently Asked Questions – Randahl Construction

The commercial construction and remodeling process can be confusing sometimes, and clients often present us with questions before receiving an estimate. A few of the more common ones are listed and answered below. If you’ve got questions about Randahl Construction, you may find the answers you’re looking for below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call 763-559-1009!

What Does Randahl Construction Do?
Construction Frequently Asked Questions - Randahl ConstructionWe are a commercial remodeling and construction contractor. That means we provide general contractor, construction management and remodeling services, including the planning, oversight and coordination of your project. We have nearly three decades of experience in design-builds, expansions, alterations, demolitions, renovations, retrofits, environmental and technical upgrades and more. Our clients include a variety of healthcare, corporate, small business and hospitality, and other organizations. At Randahl Construction, we have a firm commitment to getting your project done on budget and on time. In almost 30 years in the commercial construction industry, we’ve never had a forced change order, and our projects are often completed ahead of schedule.

How Do I know How Much a Project will Cost and How Long it will Take?
At Randahl Construction, we provide what we call “real numbers” project estimates. This means that the estimates we give clients are accurate down to the smallest details in terms of cost, timeframe and materials. One of the reasons why a significant portion of our business comes from returning customers is that they know they can come to us for an estimate that covers all aspects of their project, letting them know exactly how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. Our estimates are long, drawn out and highly detailed. To do it any other way would be to compromise accuracy and risk not being able to deliver on our promise to complete projects on time and on budget.

Will Randahl Construction Complete Every Aspect of my Project?
We take the quality of the work we do extremely seriously. We believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Because of this belief, we employ only the highest quality and most qualified craftsmen to complete our commercial remodeling projects. While much of this work is carried out by Randahl Construction professionals, certain aspects of most projects are subcontracted to trusted, experienced tradespeople in their respective fields. Examples of subcontracted project components include earth movement, HVAC, plumbing, utilities, electrical, technology, masonry, as well as others. Over time, we’ve built up relationships with honest and reliable subcontractors, enabling us to provide consistent and high quality work, as well as allowing us to create highly accurate project estimates.

What Kind of Experience does Randahl Construction Have?
When it comes to hiring someone to do an important job, hands-on experience matters. At Randahl Construction, we’ve accrued nearly thirty years of on-the-job experience in a wide range of construction projects and have worked with a variety of clients, lending us the practical knowledge needed to seamlessly complete commercial remodeling projects of virtually any type. As one of the three pillars of our company slogan, the amount of time we’ve been in business and the breadth of experience we’ve gathered over the years play a major part in the value we offer our clients.

Will I Need to get my own Permits before Contacting Randahl?
No, you will not need to get permits before contacting Randahl Construction to get a commercial remodeling estimate. As your contractor, we will be responsible for pulling any permits needed to complete your project. Contractors are often legally required to obtain permits, so if you’re asked by a contractor to pull your own you should consider it a red flag. Your responsibility as the client is simply to have a vision for your building that we can help make a reality.

What Kinds of Materials does Randahl Use?
At Randahl Construction, we use high-quality building materials that will meet the demands of the building or workspace and also fit within the budget agreed upon from the outset of the project. The materials used in a commercial remodeling or construction project are highly influential upon the cost and outcome of the project, so we take great care to make sure quantities and types of materials are used are clearly stated on project estimates.