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Another service that we offer to our clients is Commercial Construction Building Additions. In simple terms, we help our clients expand their current commercial building by constructing an addition onto their current building structure. Commercial buildings can include industrial warehouses, office space, retail locations (gas stations, shopping malls, large outlet stores, etc.), and all other types of structures used to operate a business.

Commercial Building Additions Minneapolis, MN

Planning Your Building Expansion

The first step in planning a business expansion or addition is setting a vision. What are your goals for the building? What is the most important aspect of the building expansion? What is the financial situation? Answering these types of questions allows you to prepare yourself to begin planning with a commercial contractor. Once the initial phone call is made we typically like to schedule a site visit in order to view the facility to gain an understanding of the type of business we will be working with. We also use this time to answer any questions that our current or future clients may have. Having an expert commercial contractor at your facility in the early stages of your planning process is the key to a successful project. Once all of the project details are discussed we head back to the office to generate detailed drawings and plans for the project along with out project proposal estimate. With 25 years experience in the construction industry, we understand the value in creating quick and extremely accurate estimates that meet our clients exactly where they are at in the project. Weather it’s a simple budgetary consultation or a hot project that needs to get moving, we will get it taken care of.

Commercial Building Additions Minnesota

Building Permits & Minnesota State Building Code

Once the project is accepted by the client we then begin the next stage in the process working towards the building permits. Building permits are required anytime you are performing major renovations to your existing facility and also when you are adding on to your existing building structure. Failure to obtain a commercial building permit can have detrimental repercussions including fines, penalties and even demolition of all construction if it can not be made to meet code. In Summary, commercial building permits serve an extremely important purpose in keeping the construction industry safe from sub-par construction and remodeling work. We know what it takes to obtain these types of permits helping you along the way. Minnesota Commercial Building Permit Helpful Links

Randahl Construction Permits & Building Codes: Pulling Permits: Building Permits and Commercial Remodeling

Professional Commercial Construction Project Management

Before the commercial building expansion project begins, we make sure that communication is at the forefront of the project and everyone is in contact with the proper people. Project deadlines are clear to all team members and the project can begin. Our project management team then begins to plan, direct, and coordinate all of the important pieces to this project, keeping our clients in the loop when necessary. With over 25 years experience in the commercial remodeling industry our team is qualified and trained to turn possible bad situations into positive one, always keeping the project moving forward. Often times you will see the President of Randahl Construction Randy Olsen performing a walk-through of the different projects. Randy is a man of his word and truly wants his clients to receive the absolute best service and craftsmanship in the industry.

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Commercial Building Additions - Project Completion

As the project comes to a close and all of the loose ends are tied up, we always make sure that our clients are satisfied with the services that we have provided. The overall mission for our business is to absolutely make sure that we exceed all expectations of our clients and build long lasting relationships. “On time and On budget” is one of our favorite motto’s! Our team at Randahl Construction continues to be the number one source for future business because we have learned that word travels fast about our quality craftsmanship, excellent customer relations and professionalism on the job site.

Randahl Construction is a Minnesota based Commercial Contractor specializing in Commercial Concrete, Commercial Remodling, Construction Management, Building Expansion, Office Remodels and more. Located just north of Minneapolis, MN Randahl Construction serves the entire state of Minnesota.

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