Design Build Construction in MinnesotaThe term “Design-Build”, which is sometimes abbreviated as “D/B” or “D-B” among construction professionals, refers to a type of project management system in which a single contracting firm is responsible for both the designing and building processes. Design-build construction is not a new concept, but instead dates back several hundred years. However, it saw a decline in popularity over the last 150 years, only to be reintroduced once again in recent years. Design-build construction streamlines the design and construction processes by uniting the two branches under one team and eliminating potential disputes and miscommunication between design firms and contractors. Design-build construction is generally considered to be a faster, less expensive and, in most cases, less stressful form of project delivery than the design-bid-build model.

Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Until design-build’s recent resurgence in popularity, the dominant model of construction project delivery was design-bid-build. In design-bid-build construction projects, the owner of the project is responsible for managing two branches of the project: the design branch and the build branch. In this model, the client must communicate with and manage each firm separately, and encourage each of them to work seamlessly with one another. Needless to say, attempting to create open communication and a fluid working relationship between design firms and contractors is often easier said than done, and the misfires that plague the design-bid-build model often result in extended project times, forced change orders and higher costs.

Design-Build Approach

Minnesota Design-Build ContractorThe design-build approach is heralded for its streamlined processes, lower overall costs, shorter build times and single point of responsibility. Also known as the “Master-Build” approach, design-build construction allows the client to have a single point of communication through which all aspects of the project can be managed. When the contractor is responsible for both designing and building, there is little risk of disputes or differing agendas, because both branches are on the same team and working towards a single goal. Any conflict that may arise between designers and builders can be managed from within the firm, eliminating the need for the client to broker communications between two autonomous companies.

Design-Build Contractor

At Randahl Construction, we’re confident in the ability of our design-build construction process to deliver the exceptional results you’re looking for the most cost and time-efficient means available. At Randahl, we believe that open communication between ourselves and the client is the true key to a successful project. When you choose us to be your design-build contractor, you’ll have a single point of communication and responsibility: our founder and president, Randy Olsen, who works side-by-side with clients through each step of the design-build construction process. If you’re looking to simplify your construction project process, give us a call at 763-559-1009 to learn more about design-build projects, or get a free estimate with accurate, real numbers. Based just minutes north of Minneapolis, MN we serve the entire Twin Cites and surrounding area, so contact us if you would like to set up a site visit or planning meeting to discuss your project.

Minnesota Commercial Design Build Projects

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