General Contractors Near Me

Are you located in Minnesota and looking for "general contractors near me"? 

General Contractor Near MeRandahl Construction, Inc. is a General Contractor located in Corcoran, MN servicing the entire state of Minnesota, specializing in commercial construction, in and around the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area. Some of our recent and current projects can be found in the following cities:

• Edina, MN • New Hope, MN • Eden Prairie, MN • Rogers, MN • Shakopee, MN • Blaine, MN • Minneapolis, MN • Plymouth, MN • Medina, MN

Hiring a local contractor for your upcoming project can help you in several ways. 

4 Reasons Why to Choose a Local General Contractor

Established Minnesota Sub-Contractor Network  Too often, we get contacted by Out-of-State General Contractors to assist them with their commercial construction projects in Minnesota. This means, that these "Out-of-State" general contractors do not have an established network in Minnesota and they not offering their clients the service they deserve. Hiring subcontractors and other contractors that they have never worked with, is the recipe for disaster. They bid and win projects based off of industry standard numbers, which can greatly fluctuate from state to state. This strategy, locks them into numbers that often times only lower tier subcontractors can meet.  A local general contractor like Randahl Construction, Inc. can provide you with an established group of sub-contractors and real numbers from the beginning. Our numbers may not always be the "Cheapest" or "Low Bid" although we know that our numbers are "Real Numbers" from qualified sub-contractors. Our network of established sub-contractors allows us to offer our clients the absolute best service possible because we have experience in working with the subcontractors that we have on our team. They understand our projects, have relationships with our leaders and understand how we operate, which makes for a smooth and successful project.  Site Visits & Construction Meetings  general contractors near meBy choosing an Out-of-State General Contractor, your face to face project meetings will be limited and a majority of the project communication will be done via email and telephone. This is dangerous. Alot of mis-communication can happen over email and the personalization of the project is lost. There is a lot of value in having a contractor come present your construction proposal in person and thoroughly explain the small details. Also, out of state contractors can add more responsibility to your plate. Instead of a quick phone call to your local general contractor who could stop by the job site if a problem arises. You may be left required to report any issues through the long chain of command and left waiting for an answer under pressure from your superiors.  We may be old fashion at Randahl Construction, but we value face to face communication with our clients. This allows us to build relationships, understand construction projects from the clients perspective and provide the best solutions for our clients. Often times by reviewing the construction site or existing space with the client, we are able to clearly understand the vision and get a better understanding of their goals. Our face to face proposal presentations and pre-construction meetings are also a great time to introduce our team and subcontractors. We want our clients to feel a part of the team and we want our project managers and subcontractors to understand your expectations from the start. Being only a small drive away from the job site, daily check ins and weekly meetings are the regular for RCI.  Company Reputation is More Valued By choosing an Out-of-State General Contractor you may be subjecting your business to a contractor that really doesn't care about their reputation in your city or state. Nationwide general contractors can often mask bad reviews due to the volume of work they perform. It is very important to get local reviews of the contractor that you are doing business with because those are the sub-contractors that most likely will be performing the work on your project. As stated earlier, national contractors typically farm out the labor to local subcontractors that they may have never worked with before. The work will get done but it may not get done on time or with the quality that you desire.  Local General Contractors understand that their livelihood relies on their local reputation and tend to take local construction projects more serious. It has always been our goal at RCI to provide every customer with our absolute best service possible. A majority of our new business is from referral business so we truly understand the value of taking care of our customers.  Keeping the Money Local When deciding on what contractor to utilize for your construction project, think about who you are paying. Are you paying a corporate office in New York of Chicago? or are you keeping the money in the local community. By choosing a local general contractor you are investing in the local economy and helping the local community. Keep it Local!  In summary, if you are located in Minnesota and searching for a local "general contractor near me" for your project contact Randahl Construction and see if we are a good fit for your project. We specialize in the following: 
  • Office Remodeling
  • Tenant Improvements
    • Retail & Salon Remodeling
    • Biotech & Pharmacuetical Construction
    • Concrete & Masonry Projects
    • Medical & Dental Clinics
    • Industrial
      • Manufacturing
      • Biotech & Pharmacuetical Construction
      • No Residential Construction