Interior Design Trends in 2016 – Commercial Remodeling

Interior Design – Commercial Remodeling

2016 is off to a hot start with companies investing in new buildings, remodeling their existing space and buying real estate. According to

The Minneapolis-St. Paul industrial market continues to show strength stemming from a robust economy and strong employment market. The vacancy rate is 7.8 percent, down from 8.1 percent at year-end.

That’s great news for the commercial remodeling industry as well. Clients are contacting us to remodel their existing office space along with new real estate that they are acquiring. Below is a list of some interior building design trends in 2016 that we are seeing in the commercial remodeling industry.


Interior Design Trends in 2016 – Commercial Remodeling

In 2016, Owner of Randahl Construction,  Randy Olsen has found himself designing alot of buildings with the industrial modern look.

We have seen a shift from the standard white basic color schemes to the more bold and modern grey color schemes with chome, aluminum and metal accents. We have even incorporated some rustic old grey shaded barn wood into a few designs that flows perfectly. Over the last year I have also seen a shift from carpet and vct to a polished concrete flooring“.

Although the company, building and industry need to fit the concrete flooring design, it does flow extremely well with the industrial look clients are searching for. Another benefit of the polished concrete floor is the low maintenance that comes with it.

Office Furniture Design

Although it may labor intensive, it is time to Say good bye to the old clunky outdated oak wood desks that take up alot of room and waste space and say hello to the new designs. The new trendy office furniture designs include dark desk tops with grey steel or aluminum legs. Some designs include open bottoms allowing for light and air to easily flow through the office area. Open, clean, and modern is the trends in the office industry.

We are seeing a lot of open concepts in commercial work spaces with trending colors being black, white and greys.  Other trending styles include panels with glass and lower panels systems” – Noelle Miner,  Fine Line Office Furniture

Going Green in 2016

As in the previous years, companies are continuing to strive to go green and become more environmentally friendly. The use of compact fluorescent lights which save energy and incorporating larger windows in the building design provide more natural light. Motion sensors are becoming more popular and even can now be found in warehouses. Buying second hand office equipment such as cubicles and desks from a local supplier is another way companies are going green. Buying local saves on freight and transportation and buying used office furniture saves on the manufacturing new products. Adding plants and trendy green to the office is remaining popular when discussing green initiatives.

In any commercial remodeling project, understanding the business goals are the key to a successful project. Understanding the long term goals of the business and the vision of leadership allows the commercial remodeling contractor to provide a space that ensure a return on investment. Choosing the right contractor who understands interior design trends and who can offer a commercial remodeling solution that is modern, up to date and trendy is essential when investing in your building. Randahl Construction has a great reputation of provding these types of designs to customers across the Twin Cities. Check out some of his work here: Medina Entertainment Center, Indoor Auto, Bryce Jermain Salon, Edina South Metro Centers…

In summary, 2016 is shaping up to be a very good year and we are excited to see how it finishes up. If you have any commercial remodeling projects or remodeling questions give us a call at 763-559-1009 or use our FREE ESTIMATE form.


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